Quality Time

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I took a day off last week and Bernie and I were able to spend some Mommy & Me time together.

Hey, shut it! I don't have kids, okay?

The first day we slept in...

Then we went for a walk in the park and I carved my name at the top of the others...

Off to our favorite store...

where we bought this cool magnet...

Then we came home and Bernie waited patiently while I whitened my teeth...

And she waited...

And waited....

I thought that to reward her, we would head down to the beach but then the sky turned to this...

And this super duper bummed me out because I just got this gaw-geous peronalized tote! And you know how much I love my Tote Bags.

I had it all packed and ready to go. Treats for Bern...

And some books for me. One for light reading...

And one that was all horror...

Oh well, all in all it was a great day.


  1. Hey Chrissy! Sounds better than work! And hey! Lookin' good, Bern'! Indigo

  2. oh i want to squeeze Bernie... too cute (:

  3. It sounds like you both had a wonderful time! Good for you taking some time off to spend with Bernie! (((HUGS)))

  4. OH DEAR GOD...when I saw the name on the tree I HOWLED!!!!!!


    Only YOU, girl...would think of something so BRILLIANT!

    And the photos of Bernie are just TOOOOOOOOOO cute. I LOVE that dog!

    Love the spiffy green tote bag.

    And that last photo with caption?


    Glad you and Miss Bern had a super day!


  5. I guess "Tramp" is as reasonable as anything else to carve into a tree. I withhold judgement.

  6. @IndigoWrath,
    You betcha baby!

    Maybe Bernie and Sapphire could have a play date!

    Yes, we're really lucky.

    Thanks, Collette. Yes, we sure did!

    I knew you would click on the tree to see what it said! Hopefully, we'll have nice beach weather next time. But not too hot. YUCK.

    @C. Andres Alderete,
    I was going to carve Tramp + Carlos but I ran out of room.


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