Booyah, Skye Terrier!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You know I have to acknowledge that a Beagle won the Westminster Dog Show! For only the second time in history, my favorite breed is the top dog.
The last time was in 2008, shortly after I got my beagle, Bernie, and you would have thought that she had taken the title. I was a proud beagle Momma!
Congratulations, Miss P!
These are my best in show. Millie, Sophie and Dino.


F-You, black ice!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wow, I can't believe that it's been two months since I posted anything! SO much has been going on. The job is great, in spite of some drama with the black sheep that no one likes. But that's a whole 'nother story.

You all know how very clumsy I am. And how many times I've slammed my big toes into my dining room table and sprained my ankle(s) and found odd bruises all over my body that I don't remember incurring.

WELL......this one takes the cake!

I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing the brutality of this winter and if you're fortunate enough to not live in a snowy region, you still can't escape the headlines on the daily news of snow, snow and more snow!

On January 19, I took Dino and Millie out for one last potty before going to bed around 10:00. It was super cold, snowy and icy, so we didn't venture out much further than a quick trip to the tree lawn. Millie wandered into the neighbor's (who moved out a few months ago) driveway and started heading toward the street. I followed her to guide her back when I slipped on a patch of black ice at the end of the driveway.

I lost both leashes and the dogs took off running toward the house. "Shit. Another sprained ankle." I thought to myself as I started to get up to hobble toward the house, calling for the dogs. Only this time, when I tried to get up, a pain shot through my left leg and I fell to the ground again. I knew right away that I had broken something. I watched the dogs running back and forth across the yard and I was worried that they would run into the street. I tried to get up again. Horrifying pain once more and I fell back down on the ground.

I screamed for someone to help me but it was 10:00 at night in the middle of the winter. Windows are closed, furnaces are running and TV's are blasting. No response. I was hopeful when Dino got his leash stuck under the big trash dumpster in the neighbor's yard. I was sure that someone would hear his barking and come outside.


I dragged myself across my front yard, grabbing chunks of snow and ice for leverage. I pulled myself up my steps into the house. Luckily, Millie followed me but poor Dino was still stuck. I called 911 and when the paramedics got there, the first thing I asked them to do was go get Dino. Only when I was sure they were both securely in the house, did I let them take me to the hospital.

I broke my fibula, which is one of your calf bones and I sprained my ankle. They put this loose thing on it, but I could even stand up because the pain was off the charts, even after taking Oxycodone.

They then applied a fiberglass cast from my ankle to mid-thigh. Still hurt like a bitch but at least my leg couldn't move. NIGHTMARE to get around my house and try to do anything. I had to use crutches so I couldn't even take my glass of water into the other room with me to take a pill.

I headed to an orthopedic surgeon the next day, who confirmed the break but said "If you're going to break something, this is the best bone to break." Yay.

Apparently, its a pretty common break for athletes and it has a pretty quick healing time. That all sounds good, right? Fast forward to two weeks ago when I followed up with the surgeon and he took the long cast off. Thank GOD.

Bad news. I have some serious nerve damage and can't lift my foot. It's a condition called foot drop. "Maybe it will come back, maybe it won't. We just need to wait and see." As you can imagine, I completely freaked out. There's nothing you can do to speed the process. It's more of a waiting game. I wondered why I had this shooting pain along the front of my shin and now I know, it was from damaging the peroneal nerve, which is part of the sciatic nerve. He said we'll give it about 3 months and see where it's at before we decide on next steps. i.e., physical therapy, surgery.

I'm wearing this lovely boot that I probably would have been able to take off by now if it weren't for the nerve damage. I still have crutches and a walker. A WALKER. I've really only used the walker a few times. It's not really functional around the house.
Fuck my life.

Tomorrow: Chrissy gets fitted for a brace.

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