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Monday, May 17, 2010

I've only used Craigslist a few times before to sell some larger items that are too big to list and ship on eBay. I've heard all the horror stories about the dangers of having someone come to your home to buy something but I have a foolproof plan that's worked in the past.

I always list things that "we" are selling.

We no longer need this...

We replaced this with a new one...

When they call my cell phone (never my home phone), I give them a few different times that they can come over to buy said item. I tell them that I might not be there but that my husband probably will.

If picking up the item requires them to set foot inside my house, I put a pair of men's work boots that I purchased at the Goodwill outside the door and hang a man's coat on the railing that goes upstairs.

That's right. My husband is a logger in suburban Cleveland.

I either run the shower and leave the door open so they can hear it or I play music loudly upstairs. Hubby is preoccupied and can't come down.

You may be laughing but hey, it's kept me from being robbed and/or killed so shut it! It probably helps that I'm not selling anything so valuable that anyone would go crazy over it.

After I listed my item, I started peeking around Craigslist to see what other people were selling and I found a whole lotta stuff I can live without.

1963 Ford

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee-needs some work

Coffee mug warmer, $1.00

Antique sink, $40

Raggedy Ann & Andy mugs, $5

Dozer, John Deere, $32,000

Retro kitchen table, $250

Goofy phone, $45

And one item I might need to go buy with my husband:

Oh, yeah...


  1. That's actually very very smart, if I ever end up living alone I'm definitely doing that.

  2. In lieu of current events thats pretty smart. You can't be to careful. A crew from my company was actually staying in the Holiday Inn Express in Providence, RI the night the Craigs list killer struck there.

    The first house I rented had that same table and chairs in the kitchen.

  3. Hey Chrissy! If I'm in the area, I'll pop by to assist. You can prop me at the foot of the stairs to frighten other callers. I'm low maintenance, I just need coffee and pizza occasionally. Indigo

  4. You should just answer the door with a shotgun and save yourself all the trouble.

  5. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Oh dear god, I'm laughing so hard; I have tears in my eyes!

    You are tooo funn!

    Listen, if you could pick up that Pluto phone for me, I'll pay ya back, ok?

    I just HAVE to HAVE it! It'll go great with my Hello Kitty phone.

    GREAT post, girl!


  6. What if the person that comes to pick it up is Mr. Hot Logger in Cleveland. Tell him "No, no...I'm not really married'. That the shower is just a ruse and 'Gee, I wonder if these boots will fit you?'

    It'd just figure that the guy that shows up will be 'the guy'.

    btw- love the boots.

  7. The "we" thing is definitely smart!

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  9. I have been needing a bulldozer. Where can I find that posting?

  10. Love the retro table. I do the same thing if I have to walk alone at night, but instead i talk to myself like I am a schizo.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  11. Those are excellent ideas for single women (and men) to follow to guard against robbery. Umm...the table and barrel of monkeys really brings back fond memories...well, memories.

  12. @hellotaylor,
    Well, thank you!

    @Simply Suthern,
    Well, that's spooky! We had a very similar table and chairs growing up but ours was gold. So royal!

    Your height would definitely intimidate them! Pepperoni pizza?

    @C. Andres Alderete,
    Good idea! And if I don't like the looks of 'em, I'll just tell 'em to "Git!".

    You know, I was torn between the phone and the BOM. Monkeys always win out in my world.

    Thanks. Sometimes my neuroses come in handy.

    Yes, Nancy, I'll fool all those people who said, "Do you expect the man of your dreams to just come knocking on your door?"

    To bulldoze all those men waiting outside your door? Craigslist Cleveland!

    Oh, that's a good idea! I'll have to remember that when I'm walking Bernie.

    @Alan W. Davidson,
    Well, thank you! Oh c'mon, no one has BAD memories of the BOM, do they?

    Thanks! :-)


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