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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My sister's friend, Toni, joined us for lunch on Monday. She told us a story about this woman, Marilyn, that she used to work with.

Marilyn had a mentally challenged 30 year old son named, Jack, who lived with her. Every hour on the hour, Marilyn would call home to make sure Jack was okay. She phoned him at 11:00.

"Hi Jack, it's Mom. How's your day going?"

"Good", Jack replied,"I have a troll in my closet."

"That's nice, Sweetie", Marilyn replied, "Have fun with him."

Marilyn hung up the phone, amused that Jack had created an imaginary friend to play with.

At 12:00, Marilyn called home again and became upset when Jack didn't answer the phone. She called home a few more times but there was still no answer so she left work and drove home.

As she got to her street, her heart sank when she saw police cars in her driveway. She raced into the house and saw Jack sitting on the sofa next to a police officer.

"Oh my God! Are you okay? What happened?" she asked as she turned to see a little person sitting in her armchair.

"Well, Ma'am," explained the officer, "apparently, this gentleman came to your door representing the U.S. Census and your son yelled, 'Hey a troll!' and grabbed him and threw him in the closet. He called us from his cell phone while he was locked in the closet."

Thankfully, no charges were filed against Jack and Marilyn vowed to fill out her census form in the future.

(this post does not intend to ridicule the mentally challenged and/or little people. It's just a funny story...)


  1. That's what happens when you go door to door buck nekkid with pink hair combed up like Don King.

    (this comment does not intend to ridicule nudist and/or pink haired folks. Sorry Don, you made your own bed.)

  2. What the hell is happening with the world? I must refer you to this post:

    Dude, little people really need to stop going door to door. It obviously isn't safe.

  3. BRAVA Jack!

    You GO, boy! Those census people are a pain in the ass.

    "Thankfully, no charges were filed against Jack and Marilyn vowed to fill out her census form in the future."

    Which reminds me....



  4. lol That was a good one. The Census people should make that a commercial in order to get people to fill out their census forms. ;-)

  5. Oh, wow that is too funny. Glad it all worked out.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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