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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The City of Cleveland is comprised of a number of neighborhoods. Today, we're going to focus on one of Cleveland's oldest neighborhoods, Tremont.

Sitting on a bluff overlooking the Cuyahoga River and the industrial Flats, Tremont was originally settled by Eastern Europeans, Appalachians, Greeks, Polish and African-Americans.

Today, this small neighborhood is experiencing a revival as the old traditions blend with a new eclectic mix of young professionals and families.

Tremont boasts a number of award winning restaurants and was the original home of Lola, chef Michael Symon's first restaurant. Michael put the Cleveland culinary scene on the map, garnering awards for his talent and even competing on the television show, The Iron Chef in 2005.

Michael Symon

Lolita is Michael Symon's second restaurant and occupies the space that Lola outgrew before moving downtown.

While the shops, galleries, bars and coffeehouses are attractions on their own, my favorite feature of the Tremont area is the gorgeous architecture. There are only about 5,000 residences and they vary in price from $29,000 for a "fixer-upper" to $300,000+ for a brand new townhouse.

If you're in the mood for some spiritual awakening, there are 26 churches in Tremont.

That's right, this small neighborhood

has more churches than Starbucks.

Catholic? Yep.

Pentecostal? We got that.

Russian Orthodox? Uh huh.

Korean Catholic? Oh yeah.

And the list goes on and on..

Around town:

For more information on Tremont, click HERE. Be sure to include this unique neighborhood in your next trip to Cleveland.

**This is the shadow of Mystery Man, my tour guide of Tremont who refused to have his picture taken.

No, he wasn't a midget, the sun was right overhead.

Thanks for showing me around town, Mystery Man.


  1. It felt like I took a tour through your town. Its so quaint and sweet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My feet hurt. Beautiful place. We had that exact little chair.

    Thank Ya Much.

  3. Looked like fun. I can't wait till you hit the Westside market.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. Ya know, the more you share of Cleveland, the more I see the similarities between Philly and Cleveland. We also have areas such as Tremont, however it seems as though Cleveland takes much better care of their neighborhoods. So much of Philly is rundown.

    LOVE the murals on the the sides of the buildings - they is sooooooooooo cool-looking!

    And you totally cracked me up with that last photo of the tour guide, Mystery Man - HA!

    Thank you for sharing, yet another wonderful post on Cleveland, girl!

    Enjoyed it!


  5. I miss Home! Imma Ohio girl that roots for Michigan! Great Blog and Go Blue baby!

  6. Yo! I gave you an award with a shitload of work attached to it (sorry) but I probably did not give you any indication of how to find out about the award or how to find me! Yeah... I tend to do stoopid stuff lie that. In case you're curious about the award here's a link to my blog where I mention it: http://noreallyitsnotme.blogspot.com/

    Or maybe you're getting tired of these awards being that your wall of fame is pretty heavy!

    Cheers! I love your stories (obviously, people don't give awards to those they find are lame right?)

  7. @Gillian,
    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

    @Simply Suthern,
    Next time you'll have to take advantage of all the benches around town and sit a spell. :-)

    I did the Market in November. Always a good time!

    I know! Aren't the wall murals cool? Loved that chick!

    I was really surprised that I only saw one building with graffiti on it. Believe me, we have plenty of rundown areas, too.

    Well, come and visit girl!

    @Miss Nicole,
    Thank you SO much! I have to come over and see what kind of work you're going to make me do. Don't you know how lazy I am? :-)

    So glad you like the blog!


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