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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Since I've added C Cleveland Saturdays, it's really given me an opportunity to look at Cleveland in a different light. I knew that there were a bunch of things that I loved about it, but now I'm finding all the little pieces of the past that add to the colorful history of my hometown.

The Steamship William G. Mather Museum is docked along the shores of Lake Erie, harkening us back to the early days of commerce and shipping on the Great Lakes. I'm sure a lot of Clevelanders pass her on the way to work every day and never even see her.

This 1925 freighter was built in Detroit to be the flagship of the Cleveland Cliff Iron Company and was named after Cleveland Cliffs President and industrialist, William G. Mather. She measures 682 feet long, 62 feet wide and has a 14,000 ton capacity.

Loading cargo, 1930's

During World War II, she led a convoy of freighters throught the icy waters of Lake Erie to supply allied forces with steel and her efforts were highlighted in the April 28, 1941 issue of Life magazine. Her elegant quarters and state of the art equipment made her a standout among other freighters of the time.

The Mather in the 50's

The dunnage room has quarters for 8 crewmen

The spar deck

The original guest foyer

Prior to restoration

Guest foyer today

Foyer and observation lounge

The pilot room

The honeymoon suite where William Mather and his bride spent the days after their wedding.

Decked out for the holidays

In 1987, Cleveland Cliffs donated her to the Great Lakes Historical Society who performed an extensive renovation and converted her to a museum.

In 1995, the Harbor Heritage Society was formed and successfully negotiated a lease agreement with the City of Cleveland to allow the Mather to stay docked at its current East 9th Street home for 40 years.


  1. Beautiful AND amazing!! I LOVE looking at these kind of pix.. Thanks so much for sharing... Intriguing!! Happy Weekend to you!


  2. Love the Mather. Fact is, I might go down and visit her today on this gorgeous day!

    I once catered a party on her years ago. You can rent it out. It was fun...although a bit windy.

    Thanks for the photo tour and history!

  3. Nice, I enjoy touring old ships.

    I always enjoy the C Cleveland Series.

    Looks like they left the spitune out in the renovation.

  4. Ooooo...Ooooo....I'm LOVIN' this post because I have an unbelievable fascination with ships! I'm a HUGE Titanic buff!

    OMG, Chrissy, this photos are spectacular. Especially the various incarnations of the "guest foyer."

    Thank you once again for sharing such an interesting and informative posts on your lovely hometown!

    Brava, girl!


  5. Yeah we have done that tour before. We did it the same day they were having the race car race at Burke Lakefront airport, so the boys didn't want to leave the deck, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  6. Amazing, as is every C visit I make! You do have a 2nd calling here, as in ditch the day job. A fun fantasy that could come to fruition!

  7. Very nice. You're a much better resident than I am. Respectively speaking, of course.


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