Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is still on? Really??


  1. Hey Chrissy! What?! Has it had a dozen seasons and changed all of its cast? Like my favourite broom - three new handles, two new heads - there's no broom like it. Indigo

  2. Yes, it's still on. Now tied with Gunsmoke for the longest running TV series.

    I wept.

  3. Yea, But like a feral cat it has offspring running everywhere.

  4. I LOVE Law and Order: SVU. The others I don't give a shit about.

  5. I'm amazed that this is still on the air. Actually, I'm surprised that almost any crime drama is on the air. They're all so formulaic.

  6. Hey now I love me some Law & Order, I don't know why I think I read they are making one for the west coast. After Det. Green left it hasn't been the same for me.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. never was a fan. what's a mystery is how it's lasted so long.

  8. @Indigo Wrath,
    I think they just cancelled the original. Do you know I've never watched any of them??

    Tied with Gunsmoke? Miss Kitty must be rolling over in her grave.

    @Simply Suthern,
    Well put!

    Never saw it. Just the spoofs on SNL.

    I know. My new obsession is The First 48 on A&E. True crime not that made up stuff. Really sad how little regard people have for life.

    Oh, I'm sure it will continue in some form or another. Like a bad penny.

    @Dreamfarm Girl,
    I agree. I never watched ER, either.


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