Secondhand Sunday

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've decided to make Sundays my Secondhand day. I'm basically too lazy to think of anything new to say so I thought I would re-post a "vintage" entry.

If you aren't in the mood for repeats, please feel free to change the channel.


My given name is Christine Jean. You can't help but say it with a little twaaang. You have to remember it was 1966 and right around the Petticoat Junction era so lots of us have middle names like Jean and Jo.

Anyone with a name that can be shortened into a nickname knows that there are usually lots of variations given to you by friends and family.

I grew up being called Chrissy by my friends.

My sister called me Kickie because I had a propensity to kick people as a child. Really hard.

My grandfather called me Christy, in his broken English accent.

My father called me Kissy.

And my mother affectionately called me, you Little Bitch.

When I got my first job at 15, I decided it was time to use my grown up name of Christine, since Chrissy sounded too babyish to be entering the workforce. I worked at Woolworth's and I proudly bore my 'Christine' name tag on my mint green smock.

I'm certain that my decision to forego my childhood nickname was the reason why Old Lady Evelyn, the crotchety keeper of the toy, pets and notions departments, chose me to tend to her fiefdom when she was away.

Most of my friends who have met me past the age of 25, call me Christine. Anyone who has known me since school or before or has met me through that group of friends calls me Chrissy.

I remember when I was 19, I worked with a girl whose mother's name was Susie and I thought to myself, What grown woman calls themselves by such a silly name? Well, I guess I do now.

I've had to endure the Chrissy Snow references from Three's Company.

Is your real name Christmas? Nope.

Then, in 1983, the movie Christine came out about a possessed car named Christine.

Christine? You mean like the car? Good one. Haven't heard that before.

I'm always surprised and annoyed when I meet people as Christine and they assume a nickname for me.

Nice meeting you, Chris. You'll notice no one calls me Chris and there's a reason for that.

I had a 6th grade teacher named Mr. Kidd who was 6'4, skinny as a rail and ignorant as could be. Our classroom was at the rear of a hallway of about 8 rooms and the school office was at the opposite end.

Back then, there weren't strategically placed copiers outside of classrooms for convenient mid-day copying. There was one mimeograph machine that the school secretary used to crank out duplicates in blue ink.

One spring morning, Mr. Dick, oops, I mean Mr. Kidd, needed someone to go to the office and have some copies made. I was 5'9 and chubby and tried to remain inconspicuous as my tiny people pleasing classmates raised their hands to volunteer. I was sure he was going to pick pretty petite Jennifer when I heard him say, Thank you for volunteering, Jennifer, but why don't we let Chris go? She needs the exercise.

To this day, I hear those words in my head every time someone makes the mistake of calling me Chris.

My professional name was going to be Blair Brennan when I became a supermodel but that didn't really pan out. My friend Debbie and I used to make up names and professions when we were in our early 20's and out at a bar. They were usually classy sounding like Bambi or Amber but then we never remembered them when someone would call out our names later in the night.

"Is he talking to you?"

"No, aren't you Bambi?"

"No, I'm Mitzy."

"Mitzy? Weren't you Mitzy last week?"

For now, I guess I'm just wannabe stripper chick, Chrissy Starr.


  1. so many name tales.....nice to read !!!

  2. Hey Chrissy! The only "Chrissy" reference I can think of is the girl that gets eaten at the beginning of JAWS. I've had a number of names over the years, of which "hey, you!" is my least favourite. A few know my secret name. Indigo

  3. I have one of those names that doesn't come with any nicknames. I always wanted more options, so I had to resort to becoming a secret agent with lots of different cover identities. (I stole that idea from Indigo.) Over the years I've kinda forgotten what my real name is.

  4. WOW!!!! You should have lived up to KICKIE when MR DICK said that to you. Matter of fact, where does he live?? I like to go kick him myself!!!

  5. I never had a nickname. Lee is to short make a nickname out of. My teachers would call out my name first day of class and look at the boys...I'd be like...ummm...over here!

  6. I love the name Christine. I completely understand about the shortening without permission: Angela=Angie (ok) Angela=Ang (not okay, one more syllable that you just couldn't spit out?) But my favorite which is not a shortened version is a name I respond to only when my big brother uses it: Quince. Apparently, I was quite nosy. (Remember Quincy, ME)

    As for the horrid teacher, let's hope he got his tie caught in a shredder.

    Great post, I enjoyed it.

  7. Great reading this one again! family always refered to me as You Little Bastard.

    See!!!! We ARE related!

    Have wonderful Sunday, Twin!

  8. Aw! You ARE a star! That's the only name for someone as beautiful and talented as YOU.


    All prior memories are hereby erased.


  9. I find myself browsing better homes sometimes too that and easy living. 40 is the new 20 - agree?

  10. @Asit Dhal,

    Hey You! Thanks, I was waiting for the Jaws reference.

    I suppose you could tell me your real name but then you would probably have to kill me.

    How funny! Why didn't I think of that? He's pretty old now so I could probably just roll him off a pier somewhere.

    You fooled them! My sister's name is Lisa and I call her Lee. It annoys the crap out of my mother. Which is probably why I do it.

    @Fumbling confidence,
    Thanks. I actually do like my name. I love Quince! That's so cute.

    Hi, You Little Bastard. Hope you had a great weekend.

    Love, Little Bitch.

    Aw, thanks! Memories? What memories?

    I don't think I've read Easy Living. Can I find it near the Large Print Reader's Digest?

    Yes! Absolutely. As long as you don't believe that you still ARE 20. Those women are pathetic.

  11. Ah, it's a VINTAGE post. I get it.

  12. No matter what your name is, I'll always call you funny, endearing and friend.

  13. They can call you what they like as long as they don't call you down.
    Is that not the way to think? LOL

  14. You see I never did care what anyone called me. As long as they didn't call me late for dinner.My name is Russ. I picked Nostradamas as a nick name.It really screws people up.Come over to my site. I have something for you. For now I will just call you funny lady.

  15. @Ellie,
    Good girl.

    Thanks. You're such a sweetheart!

    @Donald Swarbick,

    What a great nickname. That must really mess with people heads! I'll be right over!

    @The Peach Tart,
    Thank you. As does yours, Peachy.

  16. Since I'm a new reader I enjoy the idea of secondahnd sundays. I have one of those horrible names where it's impossible to find a good nickname as well. "Rachel" sounds too formal and I hate it when old friends or family call me "Rachel" loosen up a bit! I like "Rach" but hate it when people I don't even know call me that, like doctor's or professors. I always wanted to be called "Rae" but it never caught on, so that's what i want to be known as in the world of blog.

  17. Yeah, my name...Stacie, gay. totally gay. but what am I gonna do?

    I like the name Christine, I think it's beautiful.

  18. @Rae,
    Thanks. I figured no one read my earliest stuff so I'm force feeding it. :-)

    I knew a girl named Rachel and we called her Rach. Yes! Isn't that annoying when people assume they can call you that?

    Okay, Rae it is, then!

    @Stacie's Madness,

    Stop it, it's not gay. Everyone I have ever known named Stacie has been gorgeous. Mmmm....except that one who spelled it with a "y". :-)

    Thanks, I do like it.

  19. Nobody in my family has only 1 name.

  20. Mia,
    It makes things interesting, doesn't it?

  21. You should include the KISS song "Christine Sixteen"...hahaha!

  22. hi there.. Mr. Kidd sure does need a kick..

    me myself used to be called Nana by my bully classmates before. i was offended for it's not a name and it means differently in the Philippines, nana is the Filipino word for pus.
    but i wasnt called that because i had pus or something on my body, you see, my real name is Gina. they referred to the last two letters of my name.

    i am called Gee now in my work place and i am happy being called that way. :)

  23. @dan~gee~rous,

    Yes, he does, doesn't he?

    Gee sounds much better than pus. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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