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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I guess I've never heard Jesse James speak before. For such a big guy, he sure does sound like a pussy, doesn't he?

And no, I don't just mean his words, but his actual voice. Odd...


  1. If you'd watched Celebrity Apprentice last season you'd know that Jesse is a big dork and his voice is a perfect fit for him.

  2. I used to watch him on Monster Garage. He does have that rather irritating voice. It's prolly why his namesake ancestor turned to crime. Bullied in school for sounding like a whiner.

  3. "And no, I don't just mean his words, but his actual voice."


    Ok, now you have me curious because I've never heard his voice.


  4. Just like Ron, I've never heard his voice before either. I am now curious...

  5. @Christopher Zimmerman,
    Nope, didn't watch it. I can only watch that every other season.

    @Simply Suthern,
    Must have been bullied. He sounds like a surfer valley girl.

    @Ron & Travel Girl,
    He was interviewed on Nightline last night. I bet it's on the ABC website.

  6. I haven't heard his voice but any man who would do that to his wife is a big pussy in my book!!!!

  7. I'm watching it now... How heart breaking for her... What a TOTAL dick he is... She's such a pretty lady and what the HECK was he even thinking?!! This is abominable! She's better off without this dick/goober!! He is a total pussy.. from head to toe!

  8. It takes two to make a relationship work. If Sandra truly cared for him, she might think about putting her INJURED EGO aside for a moment and make a real assessment of the relationship. It seems that he truly wants her back. So whatever happened to forgiveness? Is it now one strike and your out, because she's too big a star to to have that kind of unflattering publicity swirling about?


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