Hello, Small Business Administration?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Driving around town lately, I've noticed more and more small businesses closing and I always feel sad for them.

Just frowns now...

This seemed like such a winning combination. Who doesn't think "hot dogs" when they think "donuts"?

Not enough dollars coming through these doors...

Then I got to thinking...maybe I should throw my hat in the small business ring? What the heck!

And as the thought came to me, I drove past this:

See how the sun is shining behind it, like it's sign from God?

I'll open my own ice cream shop!

But I'll change the name from Dairy Queen to Chrissy's Cones.

Now I don't know anything about marketing, but I thought these might be good for the sign out front:

Come in for a lick

Single men aged 20-30, FREE every day

Like it hard? We can do that..

Free tastes

Single men over 35, 1/2 price every day

Any other suggestions for the sign?


  1. Our cups runneth over.

    We have your favorite topping.

    Two scoops R us.

  2. @Christopher,
    Good ones! Love the first one.:-)

  3. At Chrissy's Cones
    We make your Banana's split

  4. One scoop? Or two?

    Okay, that was really fucking lame. I'm sorry. I'll leave now.

  5. OMG, girl...you always make me LAUGH!!!

    Chrissy's Cones

    "Our ice cream is served in DDD cups!"


  6. Come for the cone, stay for the lap dance!

    If you make our ice cream maids hot, they will drip for you too! (gross i know but i promise guys will show up)

    ok that's it, great post by the way, it got me thinking and smiling ...now that's a deadly combo! Well done!


  7. I am betting that picture, only, will get you all the business you can handle.

  8. P.S. Naked writer
    can we practice our upward and downward dog together?

  9. "Are you Hot? Looking for a cool treat? come in for a lick, prices can't be beat and the ice cream is really sweet! Looking forward to meet'n you!" LMAO

  10. @Simply Suthern,
    Yes, we do!

    Yes! Jobs in parentheses..

    No, um, that was um, really funny. Good one..

    Yes, triple D-licious! See? You inspired me!

    @The Naked Writer,
    OH! That's so dirty. I love it!

    @R. Jacob,
    Yes, no words needed. Guys are so easy.

    Okay, you obviously own an ice cream shop!

  11. @Chrissy, Acually I don't LOL... Luv reading your blog thou! I've slacked off on mine ..bloggers block I guess.

  12. Thanks, Ruby. It happens to me, too. You just blank!


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