It's a's a's Lindsay?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I’m a huge fan of commercials. I know, most people leave the room or fast forward through them while they're on the screen but I love their creativity. My favorite ad campaign is for the online discount stock brokerage firm, E-Trade. They use a gaggle of adorable babies who talk in adult voices and trade stocks online. What’s not to love?

I saw on the news today that rehab queen, Lindsay Lohan, is suing the E-Trade babies for $100 million because the latest commercial depicts a female baby they refer to as, “Milkaholic Lindsay.”

They’re just poor, innocent babies, Lindsay! Besides, if the shoes fits...

Lindsay’s attorneys are stating that while her full name wasn’t used in the commercial that everyone knows it’s her based on the name recognition she receives. You know, like Madonna or Oprah. Oh okay, Lindsay.

Personally, when I hear the name Lindsay, the first person I think of is Lindsay Wagner of 1970’s Bionic Woman fame.

My sister was a huge Bionic Woman fan. Me? Not so much. The concept of a woman having cybernetic implants that allowed her run at lighting speed and have incredible strength in one arm seemed ludicrous to me. I did think her bionic ear was pretty cool,though. Imagine being able to hear people talk from crazy distances away and at different bandwidths. Oh, the possibilities!

I was more of a Wonder Woman girl. Her powers came with her belt, golden lasso and wristbands and she had the ability to fly, which was way cool and far more realistic. When she twirled around, she transformed from meek Diana Prince to mighty Wonder Woman.

Since we shared the same dark hair and blue eyes, people used to say that I looked like her. Or maybe it was because I walked around wearing the Wonder Woman costume, making the sound of bullets ricocheting off my wrist bands.


The second Lindsay that comes to mind is the Lindsay of Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush fame. Who? C’mon, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush. The twins who alternately played the youngest daughter, Carrie Ingalls, on the TV show Little House on the Prairie.

You don’t know who they are because their parents weren’t savvy enough to exploit them for commercial gain like Mary Kate and Ashley's.

Duh, Mr. and Mrs. Greenbush. I bet your daughters had to go and get real jobs when the series was cancelled, didn’t they? What kind parents are you? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Not sure why I remember these two. Just another useless bit of superfluous information that floats around in my head on a daily basis.

Leave the babies alone, Lindsay. You're not that important.


  1. They actually everyone immediately thinks Lindsay Lohan when they see that commercial? I wouldn't have made the connection if I hadn't read this blog.

    Personally,I don't know what to think of a world where Corey Haim ODs yet Lindsay Lohan continues to live.

  2. If Lohan doesn't want people to make fun of her, she needs to stop making it so damn easy. But no, that makes sense. Never mind.

  3. Lindsay Drama Queen. Get over yerself. Wonder Woman is much more important and a million times hawtter!

    I want a costume like that to wear to bed!

  4. Jesus Christ WOMAN! You will die when I tell you I just completed 20 pages of my coming of age story before I became a stripper. Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman were on the top of the list!

    Wow. You really are my sister. xxoo

  5. I used to sets of e trade out takes in a post around the superbowl. very funny, one comment on a profile being read;"she said she is 5'11., pounds maybe"!

  6. It was one of the best commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. I enjoyed the game relaxed and for some odd reason how or what Lindsay was doing that day never entered my mind. How shallow of me not to be thinking of her. I better call my lawyer.

  7. Bravo!! I'm in total agreement. Had to laugh when I read about that lawsuit. But you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity, even if you have to make it up yourself...

  8. I had never seen that TV commercial of E-Trade, but I used to watch Bionic Woman, which was titled Bionic Jaimie in Japan, and Little House on the Prairie a lot and loved both! Wonder Woman was not broadcast in our area.

    Yes, I agree with you. The first person I think of when I hear the name Lindsay is Lindsay Wagner.

    Cinnamon's Mum

  9. Amazing! I never knew that about the twins. And I agree with your comments about the advert, how could she think such a thing? The babies have so much more personality than she does :)

  10. Hey Chrissy! Aah yes, THE BIONIC WOMAN. It used to be on the same time as my favourite show, GEMINI MAN. I wanted a digital watch because of that damned show. Anyway, me and my brother used to argue about which one we would watch, and I think we ended up watching alternate weeks? Anyway, thanks for the nostalgia. Indigo

  11. Ok, I just want you to know that I watch that commercial FOUR times and HOWLED!!!!!!!

    Bwhahaahhahahahahahahahahaha! adorable! The expression on that little girls face after the little boy howled was hysterical!

    I'm with you girl, I love TV commercials. In fact, I think some of them are better than most TV shows.

    P.S. don't tell anyone this, but I always wanted to BE Wonder Woman!


  12. I loved Wonder Woman too. I wanted to be her when i was seven. And Lindsay is just a big baby. Thats how everybody sees her and an ad with a baby called Milkaholic Lindsay shouldnt piss her off so much. The poor baby should be the one protesting with banners!!

  13. And you never marveled at how Wonder Woman kept that topless number from falling down when she ran? I wonder how many impressionable young boys watched that show hoping for a little sneak peek...

    I adore those T-Trade ads as well...they're always a hoot. Boy, Lindsay will do ANYTHING for some free press, huh? They'll have to start naming characters non-names if they want to avoid litigation.....oy.

  14. @WannabeVirginia W,
    The best!

    @Judge Fudge,
    That was sad, wasn't it. Although, not surprising.

    Like shooting fish in a barrel.

    I know. Isn't she the bomb? I always thought Lindsay Wagner looked like a man.

    @Christine Macdonald,
    No way! That's wild, sista!

    @R. Jacob,
    I swear, if I'm having a bad day, I just go online and watch these.

    @Simply Suthern,
    You didn't think of her? Bastard.

    I know. She may be way smarter than we're giving her credit for.

    @Cinnamon's Mum.,
    See? Great minds think alike. :-)

    @Occasionally called Robbie,
    Yes! They DO have more personality. Too funny.

    Never heard of Gemini Man. I liked the noise when her ear was picking up a signal. DooooDoooDoooDoooDoooDoooDoooDoooDooo

    Can I tell you, I thought of YOU when I was writing PSHEW PSHEW PSHEW. Somehow, I just KNEW!

    @Lily Johnson,
    I think we all wanted to be her. You're right. Countersuit by the babies!

    No, I wondered how her hair stayed so perfect! Yes, Man #1 and Woman #1. But then, there will be some freak actually named Man #1.


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