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Monday, March 1, 2010

Yay for me! I received these two great awards from some wonderful blogger friends.

The first is the Feels Like Home Award from my friend Indigo at


Thank you, Indigo!

There is only one rule for handing this out. Passing it on. I have tried to keep it simple:

Pick five people who make you feel welcome; who make this strange virtual world of ours feel more comfortable, habitable - and then pass them this award as a token of your gratitude, a thank-you gift.

I pass this award to these great friends:

Kathryn at The Internal Makeover
Collette at My Babcia's Babushka
Ron at Vent
Jessi and Jessi, Bob and the Monsters
Ray at R. Jacob Post

My next award is from Cinnamon and her Mum at Beagle Diary

Thank you Cinnamon and Cinnamon's Mum!

The Sweet Friends Award has the following rules:

1. Copy the image and paste it to your blog.
2. List 10 things that make you happy, do one of them today.
3. Select 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

Since I received this from Cinnamon and her Mum, the first 5 are mine and the second 5 are Bernie's

Here's a list of things that make us happy, in no particular order:

1. Sleeping
2. Blogging
3. Hangin' with Bern
4. My friends
5. My family
6. Sleeping
7. Hangin' with Mom
8. My beagle friend, Rascal down the street and all my beagle friends online
9. Eating
10. Did I say sleeping already?

The 4 bloggers (so I can't count, sue me) who brighten my day are:

Nightingale at Nightingale Dancer

Joel at I Was Born Very Young

Kelly at Speaking From the Crib

Theresa at The Dog Lived and So Will I

Please go visit all my friends. They'll make you laugh and cry but most of all, they'll make you feel welcome. Love you guys!


  1. Yeah, congratulations! You do a great job, and it's always a fun read, so carry on! And why not celebrate?

  2. Hey, thanks! And Seamus thanks you too. We will endeavor to find 10 things that make us happy but chances are 7 of them will be "eat," because as you know, Seamus is a beagle. And you know how beagles can be.
    Teresa from TheDogLived blog !

  3. Congrats to you and Bernie. You are going to have to add a trophy room soon.

  4. Congratulations, Beauty! You deserve it and more. xxoo

    LOVE your links - Off to read them now. :)

  5. Awwwwww shucks!!
    I don’t know what to say... My first award... I think like.. um....sadly ever?
    I will endeavour to do the Sweet Friend Award too indeed! Currently having issues with the image so it will have to wait a few more days...
    I really should be studying! I promised myself to limit my blog time to Mon-Wed-Fri...and look.. its Tuesday and here I am wondering around on my own again!

    Thanks Chrissy! You are def one of my Sweet Friends! You too Christine!
    Popping over to the other blogs now...What? its nearly "pack up books time"?

  6. Congratulations, going to visit now.....

  7. Aw, thank you so much! You deserve it, too! I always feel comfy around here! I'll pick it up soon. I'm a little slow...lol.
    I think sleeping is one of my fave things, too. So happy when I get some sleep;) (((HUGS)))

  8. Congrats on your awards!! Funny, sleeping is MY favorite thing, too!! Go figure!!

  9. First, CONGRATS on both your awards, my friend!

    Toot, toot...hey...beep, beep!

    And need I even say how welcomed and comfortable I feel on your blog? I mean, where else can I freely talk about "dirty things" so openly?


    You rock, girl! And thank you!

    And congrats to your recipients!


  10. PS hop over to my Blog, I nominated you for an award!


  11. Both well deserved, chrissy. Your blog is always a pleasure. My favorite has been Stripper chick wisdoms!


  12. Chrissy .... love you! Thanks for the award. You made my day.

  13. Aw. Thank you so much, Chrissy! It's an honor to be the recipient from such a wonderful friend and writer! And I'm in such good company!

    Congrats to you on your newest awards...and congrats to the other recipients. I always feel like I'm home when I'm here...you're the consummate hostess!

  14. Chrissy
    I haven't done anything yet to earn such an award.


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