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Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's been a busy week, you know with becoming Stripalicious and all, so I haven't had time to gather info for you on my beloved Cleveland. Instead, I've decided to post pictures of Bernie since she hasn't been on here lately and she misses the spotlight.

You'll notice that she's only moving in one photo. I wanted to present a realistic representation of my sleepy, lazy girl. Enjoy!

Doesn't she look like Hitler?

Baby got back


  1. She could have her own blog, "Not Moving with Bernie". Feel the burn?

  2. appplause...applause...applause!

    HI BERN!!!!!

    Hey, I've SO missed seeing you!

    You're face is cuter than ever. Love the shot of you stickin' your tongue out. I like to do that to "certain" customers who come into my store!



  3. Seamus (who has remarkably similar beagle poses when he does manage to slow down) sends his beagle love to Bernie. She's adorable! How old is Bernie?

  4. I think Bernie is a perfect doggy!


  5. No, she doesn't look like Hitler! She has a happy, sweet face!!

  6. Hey Bernie, you should start your own blog, babe. Huge happy fuss, Indigo

  7. She is adorable!! Beautiful pictures.

  8. There is nothing more lovely than the feel of your furry baby in bed with you. Thanks for posting. Beautiful baby!

  9. Such a beautiful girl. Thanks for the photos.
    I'm glad to hear that someone likes their home so much. "My beloved Cleveland"

  10. AW! I love the one of her in the car.


  11. Awwww, Bernie is awesome. I just love beagles. My dogs are also big couch potatoes and love to lounge around, especially if there are some laps to be found. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your pup looks so sweet :) I love taking pics of my bebes when they are being lazy too ...

  13. @R. Jacob,
    You're right. We would be such a hit!

    @WannabeVirginia W,
    Thanks. She's the bomb.

    Bern sends her kisses!

    I've had for almost 3 years now. The vet seems to think she's about 9. The rescue place found her tied to a tree at some Amish farm. My poor baby.

    I think so, too!

    @Loach of Chicago,
    Smooches from Bernie.

    In that first picture, she looks like she has a mustache.

    @Indigo Wrath,
    I was originally going to do one for her but she never moves!

    @Lily Johnson,
    Thank you!

    @Christine Macdonald,
    Isn't that the truth?

    @Gregory J,
    Thanks. I am a true Cleveland fan. :-)

    That's my mother's favorite. She made me get her an enlargement to hang on her wall.

    Thanks. Aren't dogs the best?

    She's as sweet as she looks.

  14. Those puppy dog eyes are SO CUTE!

  15. @Cashier,
    Yep. I'm a sucker for them.


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