I STILL want my 15 minutes of fame

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm mildly obsessed with becoming a Blog of Note. I do check them weekly and I've found some that I've graced with my mug as a follower. However, I'm perplexed with the process that is utilized in choosing them. Some crowned blogs haven't even posted in the last 6 months. Huh?

Is it like one of those online instant win games where you press the "enter" button and the wheels spin like a slot machine and stop when you press the "enter" button again? Has my URL only come up 2 out of 3 times?

Or do they just search a keyword and choose the first blog that pops up? Maybe they'll search "strap-on". Fingers crossed!

A few months ago, I posted this photo along with the caption "Who do I need to do...to become a Blog of Note". Curiously, I heard from a former flame who picked up the phone and said, "Who's in the picture?"

"What do you mean? That's me."

"I've seen you naked, Chrissy, and you have a beautiful body. But that's not you."

"Now you can't be sure of that. It has been a long time."

I made him a deal that if my blog was chosen as a Blog of Note, he could decide for himself.

C'mon Blogger, can't you help a brotha out?


  1. We were wondering the same thing? Who's the body in the photo? Of course, we'd love to see the head shot too, but we're not complaining.

    Hot body or not, we'll be visiting you regularly.


  2. I've been under a rock, since I don't know what "blog of note" is. All I want are adoring fans.....hundreds and hundreds of adoring fans who don't mind me stalking them......

    If that photo was of me, I'd definitely have my name and phone number beneath it.

  3. Yeah, I don't understand the "blog of note" selection process either. I believe the selections are actually made by disgruntled Mary Kay salespeople.

  4. I wish they would quit circulating that picture of me on the internet. It's a little embarrassing.

  5. I read a post from a Blog of Note winner recently. She said she followed the Blogger Staff on Twitter and posted a message to them jokingly offering to provide them with brownies if she won. It brought them to her URL and the rest is history. If you're on twitter, perhaps you should post the "Who do I Need to do" comment. That should do it. Good luck - I totally think you should be a BON.

  6. you might not have made blog of note, but you have an award at my place if it makes you feel any better. :)

  7. Perhaps we should make our own Blog of Note award. I mean, what's a girl got to do to get noticed? You go to the trouble of stripping for them and they just don't seem to care. What's the world come to?

  8. Honestly? I think they just choose at random!?!


    To me...you'll ALWAYS be a Blog of Note!

  9. I totally think it's random. How else can you explain the fact that NONE OF US have been chosen?
    It's gotta be computerized.

  10. As far as I'm concerned, anything you write should always be "of note"!

  11. Is ANYONE eligible to take you up on the proposition that you offered? Or just the old flame?

    Only kidding!

  12. I don't get it either...how does one get to be a blog of note? I have seen some not so good blogs listed, and truly good blogs go without note. I nominate you for a Blog Of Note. Let's just hope those effers get it right for once and put you on the list, the assholes!

  13. I told you not to use my photo without permission, Chrissy! How dare you!

  14. @Guy,
    Hey, I have a hot body. Come and check me out any time, boys..

    It's a blogger thing. They list a few blogs every week and then thousands of people come and read you. You would love it. You would get lots more adoring fans.

    @Travel Girl,
    Funny! Those bitches in their pink cars.

    Sorry, my dear, I couldn't resist. Hope you don't mind me taking credit.

    @Zen Mama,
    Really?? Gosh, I stopped doing Twitter because I just didn't get it. Maybe I should rethink that. Thanks for the vote!

    Thank you! I love that award. It makes me feel like a little minx.

  15. @CatLadyLarew,
    Yeah! I mean, I know everything on my body is much lower than it used to be but don't I get an
    "A" for effort?

    Thank you, Love!

    There IS no explanation. Maybe they're afraid their servers will crash from all the traffic that will be coming to see us!

    Thanks, my darling. Mmmwwwaaahh!

    At this point, I will post my picture WITH my head showing if they pick me. I'll do it.

    @Funny Girl,
    Thank you! Yes, where are the judges? We should all nominate each other.

    Give me a break. You get to live in that body every day. Can't a girl dream?

  16. Eh. I've read some of those "Blogs of Note" and most of them suck. Your REAL fans all love you.

  17. I'm a new visitor but you defitnely deserve blog of note. Great writing!

  18. @Chris,
    Thank you. You're so good for my ego. :-)

    Thanks so much! Nice to meet you!

  19. I agree with Chris. Most of them do suck. To me, you are a blog & friend-of note. (((HUGS)))

  20. I totally think you need to be a blog of note!!! Where do I sign the petition?????

  21. You totally deserve a "blog of note". If for nothing else, so you can get naked with the "former flame" guy dude.

    All kidding aside, I'd sign the petition along with JW.BW. You're stuff is awesome.

  22. Crap, I used the wrong "your" again. I meant "Your stuff is...." sorry.

  23. @Collette,
    Thanks, Collette! You're so sweet.

    So good to hear from you! Glad you made it there safe and sound. And thanks for your vote. :-)

    Thank you. And yes, I'm sure former flame would be happy, too.

    I ALWAYS make that exact mistake. And it's so simple. Great minds think alike.

  24. Haha you have a flair for writing. I am pretty sure, i would find your url at blog of note ;)

    Keep writing and yeah awesome pic :P

  25. Thanks, Aditya! Hope to see you again.

  26. Are you sure this picture isn't air-brushed on photoshop ? You get many super new filter which can do magic. Even I can look like Tom Cruise !

    Just joking....great blog and hope you get into the "Blogs of Note" soon.

  27. @Burzin,
    Is it airbrushed? Hmm...I guess we'll never know.



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