Oh, come ON!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"A new study says that middle-aged women need to work out an hour a day just to maintain their current weight. Researchers say women who want to lose weight need to work out for even longer periods.

Researchers at Harvard's Brigham and Women Hospital monitored 34,079 women for about 13 years. Those who consistently did 60 minutes of moderate activity a day, only 13-percent of the study group, did not gain weight. Less active women gained an average of almost six pounds in that same period.

Nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Pamela Peeke says as women age their metabolism slows down 3 to 5 percent per decade, making it harder to keep the weight off. The study's results bolster a 2002 Institute of Medicine report that emphasized the importance of balancing diet and exercise and recommended at least 60 minutes daily of moderate activity for adults and children.

But the study also indicates that the 2008 U.S. guidelines urging about a half-hour of exercise five days a week won't stop weight gain while getting older without cutting calories, said Dr. I-Min Lee, the study's lead author."

Goodbye, Cadbury eggs. Just know that I will always love you...


  1. how F'd is that? The sad thing is, I know it is true...

  2. So, when you need your chocolates the most, they add up the fastest? Something's wrong with this plan.

  3. So you're saying I need to work out 7.5 hours a day??? Does laughing my ass off count?

  4. So ahalf hour of exercise a day is still not enough, unles we barely eat anything! That is a horrible warning!


  5. I should just constantly be on the fekking treadmill.

  6. I think I am seeing some egg wrappers peeking out in the corner, semi hidden. Chrissy, you are so busted!

  7. EXACTLY!!!! I read this article, and it made me so depressed the only thing that could make me feel better was putting myself into a chicken wing and cheesecake induced coma... i hope you have better coping skills than i do

  8. Oh, come ON!

    You can't stop eating Cadbury Eggs now.

    Wait until after Easter.

    And besides...I just mailed you a TWO dozen of them.



  9. Yep, at 58...that's what I have found. I can lose 12# easy but more than that and I have to add exercise, darn!


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