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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm having a very challenging time as of late. You know how if your career isn't going well but your personal life is good, they kind of balance and you can handle things better? Or vice versa?

Well, my career is not going well. Long, political story but I really need a new opportunity and that's hard to find in this economic climate.

Now, both of my parents aren't well so that's emotionally exhausting.

And dating is the furthest thing from my mind since I'm having trouble focusing on all the other "stuff".

I've never been an especially religious person but I've turned toward my faith for strength and I pray each day for "something" to improve. This is my prayer:

"Dear God,

Oh God, please please PLEASE! I can't take this anymore. I'm going to lose my mind.


Throw me a bone. ANYthing. Please! Tell you what, if you do this, I promise to not take your name in vain and I won't flip off cars in front of me who don't start driving immediately when the light turns green.


I don't ask for much. Hurry! Please.

And let there be world peace.



  1. Well, as you know I went through a similar situation with my job recently. For me, it happened so fast I didn't even have time to think about it. But, it all worked out well and for the best. And it WILL for you too, girl!

    So sorry to hear about your mother also not being well right now.

    I too am not a religious person, however, I do believe in a higher power. And it's always been there to support me throught those oh-so-challenging-times in my life. It will for you too.

    Hey, I thought of you yesterday while I was strolling down the street and saw a guy walking two beagles. I immediately smiled at them and thought of Bern. They were cute, but not nearly as cute as Miss Bern!


  2. Have you been listening in on my own prayer routine?

    Sorry to hear things are getting overwhelming. How 'bout joining me for a martini? That always seems to help.

  3. I completely know how you feel and I am currently in a simular situation with an elderly parent, but I have been out of work since the end of November, and had to move 877 miles to friggin Memphis, and I am now living with my sister and her family, and her two dogs along with my two dogs, and I have gained 20 pounds. I tell ya, each time I think it could be worse I realize that my current life situation could be a really bad reality show, "The Real, Fat, and One Unemployeed, Housewives Of Friggin Memphis".

    I say a simular prayer daily. I also get great deal of joy from Lucy and Ellie-Mae. No matter how bad it is for me right now, they still give me a lot of unconditional love, and I am truly greatful that my family has come through for me.

    Lucy and Ellie send their doggie xxco's

  4. I'll say a prayer for all your concerns for you.


  5. Is it time to consider stepping outside your comfort zone and making your own career opportunity?

    I live in a small town in the backwoods of no place. The kind of place where outsiders visit and comment they would love to live. So they start asking about local opportunities to make a living. The sad truth is, there are no opportunities just waiting for someone to step into.

    I tell these folks they have to make their own opportunity (just like I did).

    You'd be surprised how much satisfaction can be derived from doing your own thing and making it work. Then again, maybe you wouldn't be surprised.


  6. Do not bargain with God. Just set up a few rules like I do. Either work or home has to be going well. I am not greedy enough to ask for both. Only one child can be naughty at a time. Only one family member can be sick or in need at one time. I'm just asking - Give me one thing to be happy about!

  7. My advice here is to just tackle one problem at a time. It should help avoid that feeling of being completely overwhelmed.

    Hang in there!

  8. Your problems are temporary, you know? That's all I've got. Someone told that to me once and I've found it applicable to every obstacle I've ever encountered.
    Chin up. Stay sexy.

  9. I'd say that's a pretty good prayer as far as non-religious type prayers go!!! If he's out there, he oughta listen! Nice add about the world peace :)

  10. I think instead of bargaining you should just pray for strength. Good Luck!

  11. Hang on, my beautiful friend. SOmething will give. I promise. The trick is to just hang on.

    When you feel like this, call - spend time with - get to your friends. A good bottle of wine always helps too. ;)

  12. Whenever someone says "Something's gotta give", I always think of my sanity as being the "something" that's gotta give. "Relax. It could be worse", points me in the direction of worrying what "it" is going to be. "In ten years this will all be forgotten" throws me into a panic when I realize that in ten years, there will be MORE to worry about.

    Praying for "HELP!!!!" Is what I did until I realized that "help" wasn't coming. But I CAN tell you that, no matter, you'll still be on your feet swinging your way through the jungle you're in right now.

    (that's all I've got)

  13. My life often feels overwhelming, too. I take the "one day at a time" idea and switch it to "one thing at a time". Not perfect, but at least it helps get me moving again. I'll be sending good thoughts your way, Chrissy!

  14. Just have some faith that it will get better.


  15. Oh, sweetie...I'm sorry about your mom....and all of it.

    I know you're feeling totally overwhelmed and I know it feels like everything's going wrong.

    If I find some magical way to make it all better, you'll be the first to know! Till then, we do the best we day at a time.

    And when it all feels like too much? That's when we follow the Big Three: Drink, Dream and Deny.


  16. @Ron,
    I was thinking about what you just went through and that gives me hope. I'm just feeling kind of defeated right now.

    Thanks so much. And no, no one is as cute as Bern! xoxo

    Has the prayer worked for you? I'm afraid that if I start drinking, I won't stop!

    @Funny Girl,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Your family sounds wonderful.

    Maybe we could start a reality show with all the "kids".

    Thank you. :-)

    I know you're right. I just need to take the leap.

    @middle child,
    Yeah! Is that so much to ask?

    Thanks. I try but they keep fighting for my attention.

    @C. Andres Alderete,
    I know you're right but I still like to wallow every once in a while.
    Stay sexy. I love that. Thanks. :-)

    @The pale observer,
    Thanks. I figured the world peace thing wouldn't make it seem so self-serving.

    @Comet Girl,
    Thanks! :-)

    @Christine Macdonald,
    Thank you. I work with a friend so she keeps me from killing people.

    "Hang on". You know what that reminds me of? Remember that poster from when we were kids with the cat hanging from a branch or something and it had the caption, Hang On?

    True, so true. Yep, we take a licking and keep on ticking.

    Thanks. I can feel the good thoughts already!

    Thanks, Tiffany. At least I still have my sense of humor.

    Thanks. Yeah, it all kinda sucks now. I'm going to take your advice and start on the first D now. That should get me to the second..

  17. I have no pithy words of wisdom to offer sadly except maybe to urge you to embrace risk. In the end it really is the engine which allows things to improve (or to be fair to descend).

    Good wishes to you.

  18. I think that Chris Knucklehead has got it right... Sort one problem out at a time. I'd start with the easy one, go for world peace :)

  19. Coming from the year I had last year, all I can say is the "this too shall pass" attitude sort of helps. Oh, and wine. Or whine. Either way. Hang in there and keep blogging--that helps you and others.


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