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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well, friends, Cleveland has made another list. Although, I'm sad to say we don't rank in the Top Ten for this one. However, we do come in at a respectable lucky #13.

According to the news and opinion site, The Daily Beast, Cleveland is one of the craziest cities in the United States.

The criteria included: psychiatrists per capita, stress, eccentricity and drinking.

Cleveland stats:

**Psychiatrists per capita: 11 out of 57

**Stress: 2 (tie with Philadelphia) out of 57

**Eccentricity: 43 out of 57

**Drinking: 29 out of 57

The article also pointed out a “crazy law” in Cleveland: Women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes, so that men will not see the reflections of their underwear.


You know how much I love my patent leather shoes. Lock me up and call me crazy!

Here are the Top Ten Craziest Cities:

1. Cincinnati, Ohio

2. San Francisco, California

3. Providence, Rhode Island

4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Congrats, Ronnie!)

7. New York, New York

8. Tucson, Arizona

9. San Antonio, Texas

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

Even though Cleveland didn't crack the Top Ten, I'm proud of our achievements.

I'm going to go celebrate by washing down my Valium with a Martini while I call my shrink to talk about the stories my dolls tell me while we're bathing together. I wish they wouldn't make the water so hot...


  1. Yes! How did I know New Orleans would make the list? Oh, yeah...probably because of the guys dressed as nuns at the Saints games.

  2. Wear those patent leather shoes proudly!!! (& maybe add taps on the bottom to be more eccentric:) (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh, you said lock me up, I thought you said look me up!

  4. Hey Chrissy! Cleveland wasn't on the podium? Outrageous! But Cincinnati, Ohio? Who knew? Indigo

  5. "...washing down my Valium with a Martini while I call my shrink to talk about the stories my dolls tell me while we're bathing together. I wish they wouldn't make the water so hot...

    My monitor's all sticky with coffee from this line. Chrissy, you slay me! This was hilarious...and I should know...from one crazy city to another. (*Ding!*) Gotta go...time for my meds....

  6. That is crazy to wear underwear when you wear your patent leather shoes!


  7. I am going to have to give your crazy country a visit some day soon. Loving your work.
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

  8. wow, guess i need to visit cleveland. who knew? maybe i'll tempt fate and pack my patent leathers. Just how are they measuring eccentricity anyway? I think Austin beats san antonio...we've got a thong-only wearing bicyclist seen daily riding around the lake and a thong and very short skirt wearing cross dressing man who runs for mayor each election. shouldn't that count for something? our motto is keep austin weird. i think this study was rigged!

  9. Congratulations, Cleveland.
    If I'm ever looking for a new home in a lake effect city, I'll definitely consider Cleveland.
    I was in Erie, PA for four years. Maybe that wasn't enough snow for a life time.


  10. oh i KNOW about cincinnatti, ohio. I KNOW.

  11. what a motly crew in this top 10 list. I always had suspicions about Cincinnati....

  12. Wow, I believe that Cincinnato is crazy. I know folks that live down there and something crazy is always happening.


  13. OMG, Chrissy...that last paragraph made me PEE in my pants.


    YOU. KILL. ME.

    I cannot stop laughing!!!!!!

    I'm not surprised that Philly is on this list. And I'm not at all surprised that it ranks above New York.

    Some of the craziest and wacko people live in this city.

    And I don't say that with any kind of pride - HA!

    FAB post, girl!


  14. @Judge Fudge,
    Yes, that would be it.

    Ooo...taps. Good idea!

    @R. Jacob,
    That, too.

    Cincy really was a surprise. It's such a conservative city. I guess all their craziness is behind closed doors.

    I knew you could relate. (DING!)

    HA! You're right.

    C'mon over! Thanks.

    @Dreamfarm Girl,
    I think you guys were #11! Sounds like the cross-dresser would be a shoo-in here. Have him get an application.

    @Gregory J,
    You know, I never drew the correlation. I think you might be onto something!

    Do tell!

    Really? I guess it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

    Hmm..I've had a few friends down there and I never heard that. Your friends must be more fun!

    From some of your posts, I totally believe you!

  15. I know that woman ... I think I dated her. (when we both lived in New Orleans). Chrissy ... you crack me up.

  16. Fuck. I was born and raised in Cincinnati. This explains so much.


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