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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I just read about Megan Fox's clubbed thumb. Awesome.

And I already knew about Tina's Fey's scar. Fabulous.

These women make no excuses or attempts to hide their flaws. In fact, they barely acknowledge them.

I'm scarred, too.

No, not mentally. Although, God knows that's the truth. I’m referring to my physical scar. Can you see it?

That’s right. It’s just above my lip on my left hand side. I was two years old when my older sister, Lisa, pretended to be a horse and beckoned me to climb onto her back. As any self-respecting, Bonanza watching four-year old would do, she bucked this rider and I went flying into the corner of a table.

The result was a trip to the emergency room; stitches for me and an ass beating for her. Since the year was 1968, I was likely stitched back together with a rusty sewing needle and the resulting scar is my penance for acting like a two-year old.

For all the different levels of angst and insecurity I've felt over the years, I’m surprisingly unaffected by a scar right on my face. I’ve only had person ever ask me about it on a date and he blurted it out in a fit of nervous chatter somewhere between the salad and the main course during our first meal together.

I actually think it makes my face a little more interesting.

But then, I'm the one attracted to the guy with the crooked smile or the funky cowlick in his hair. And I think the woman with the space between her teeth or the oddly placed mole is beautiful in such a unique way.

Let's face it. Perfection is overrated.

And more than a little boring. So I'll keep my scar.

And my chubby dog:

And my hyperextended fingers:

And we'll be just fine.


  1. I feel you. And you are beeeeeeauuuuuutiul! Every photo I see of you is stunning.

    Take it from me - who had nine surgeries on my face (all for scaring - the flaws are prettiest part.


  2. Well now I actually have a reason to like Megan Fox (since its not like she is a great actor or anything)- but I have the same thumbs. Kids used to tease me- but I was proud- you see my grandma gave them to me. :) You just gave me something to blog about too.
    I like your scar- I think it adds to your beauty.

  3. As long as the chubby dog doesn't care about your scar and hyper-extended finger, and you don't care that she's chubby, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

  4. You look great, nothing to worry about.

    Mental scars are the bad ones, as you mentioned.


  5. the day I get close enough to notice....

  6. Very often it is that one little imperfection that adds to the beauty to make one attractive. It sets you apart. Perfection is way over-rated unless you are driving a Toyota right now.

  7. Hey Chrissy! Is that hyper-extension thing unusual? Damn, I'll have to chalk myself a new oddness up for myself (and it's not even lunchtime). But Megan Fox isn't surgical perfection? Well damn, I'll cross her off the list. I've never noticed your scar tho, so I'll leave you on it ;> As for Bernie (hey Bernie!) she's looking as adorable as ever. Indigo

  8. I too wrote a post about this awhile back.

    Seems to me that the imperfections we all have are a goodly portion of what makes us interesting.

    Lets face it, we all have imperfections. I say celebrate them rather than hide them.


    PS: Your scar does nothing to diminish your beauty.

  9. Megan Fox is still a mega hottie, weird thumb and all. She's my reigning girl crush of the moment.

  10. Holy crap, Chrissy! I thought I was the only one who could do that! (hyperextend the fingers)

    Welcome to the club - perfection is over-rated.

  11. A year ago I was in a head on collision with a truck, and now I'm scarred on my face, and frankly I love it :)

  12. Imperfections make us SO much more interesting!

  13. @Christine Macdonald,
    You're so sweet. Thank you. :-)

    See how cool you are? And Megan only has ONE, so there! Thanks for the compliment.

    @Judge Fudge,
    Exactly. We're a match made in heaven.

    More to love!

    Thank you! Yep, those are easier to hide.

    @R. Jacob,
    Well since I'll be taking care of you for 6 months..

    @Simply Suthern,
    I drive a Honda,thank you.

    I always thought everyone could bend their fingers backward but my sister pointed out that only freaks like me can. Hey, Freak!

    Bravo! Thanks. Although, I look like a troll next to Megan Fox.

    Hands off! She's mine.

    Hey! Another 'freak' as my sister would say.

    Wow, I hope you're okay besides those lovely scars.



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