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Friday, August 7, 2009

Well, well...I'm going to have to take some of my Precious Moments figurines out of my curio cabinet so my awards will have more space.

Thank you, Nancy at f8hasit, for The Premium Meme Award. The guidelines of the Premium Meme Award are to list 7 of your personality traits, as evidenced on your blog, and then pass the award on to 7 other blogs with notable personality.

Here's my list:

1. Independent: I'm 43 and I've never been married. I own my own home, toolbox, lawnmower and snowshovel. I can walk away from a relationship if it isn't working out and I can kill my own spiders. Yes, I scream when I'm doing it but they end up DEAD. The spiders, I mean.

2. Humorous: I think this one's obvious, She said with humility.

3. Dependable: I'm the one you call in the middle of the night when you lock yourself out of the house. I never fall back asleep and leave you stranded.

4. Imaginative: You should SEE the wonderful life I'm living in my head.

5. Sensitive: Probably hard to believe, but I cry at the drop of a hat. Except at work. I wait to get my office first.

6. Self-centered: See #1.

7. Moody: If I say I'm in a bad mood, just walk away..

I would like to present this important award to the following amazing bloggers. I won't give you an idea of what their blogs are about because they're all works of art and should be interpreted by the reader.

** Colette at My Babcia's Babushka

** Kathryn at From the Inside Out

**Deborah at The Peach Tart

Yes...yes, I was supposed to pick 7 and I'm sure I could probably pick 20 but you know what, that's a lot of work. I'm the guy who breaks chain letters and doesn't forward emails about how much Jesus loves us so it should be no surprise.



  1. Looking through the previous postings, you're definitely consistent and entertaining. Well done on the award!

  2. Thanks, Matthew! Luckily, I have lots of "material" in my daily life.

  3. BRAVA, Chrissy!

    Another award MUCHLY deserved!

    I'm reading your 7 personality traits and thinking, " and I are definitely TWINS!

    Congrats to your recipients!!!

  4. Thanks, Ron! We must be related somehow. Didn't you say your father was a traveling salesman?:-)

  5. You are quite deserving, Chrissy. And if I ever lock myself out of my house, I'll keep you in mind.

  6. Chrissy,
    Thank you! Noooo, I mean THANK YOU! I've never received a blog award (or a writing award, for that matter) and I am deeply touched. I'd thought between receiving your blog in a feed on my homepage, combined with (what I thought were) updates of latest posts on MY blog's sidebar that I'd be covered in never missing a new post. And yet...I'm so glad you dropped me a quick note!
    You have been so welcoming & helpful w/my questions. After a year of (pretty much) isolated blogging, I am SO proud, honored and happy to be part of family-and such a talented one, at that.
    Thanks again (insert heart here)

  7. Hey Chrissy, congratulations on the award!

  8. Chrissy,
    WOW! Thank you! This is my first award. I'm speechless! (& that is a feat in itself). I gladly accept & will treasure it always!

  9. Kathryn,

    You're well deserving! Glad we found each other. It's so much more fun when you have an audience!

  10. Collette,

    You're very welcome. You always put a smile on my face! Good thing you got that crown, huh? :-)

  11. congrats on the award and thanks for passing it along to me. I have been away from the internet and the blog world for 4 days so will proudly present it and pass it along once I get re-oriented.

  12. Peach Tart, You're very welcome! Sometimes you just need a little break.


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