Saturday, August 15, 2009

A few weeks back, I shared some photos of my home town with you. I know Cleveland gets a bad wrap going way back to when our river caught fire in 1969.

Yes. Water. Fire. You read that right.

But the tides are a turnin' and I think people are gaining a new appreciation for what we have to offer. And we were just voted the 14th hottest city to live in if you're single!

Cleveland is rich in it's ethnic diversity and of my favorite summer events that highlights that is the Roman Catholic Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy. Christians of the Catholic Church believe that August 15 is the day that the Virgin Mary departed life and ascended into Heaven.

As you might recall, this is the stretch of town that I pass through every day on my way to work. This is how Little Italy looks on any given day.

And this is how it looks during the Feast when the hill is shut down and revelers come in droves to celebrate and FEAST. Elastic pants are a must.

Since you probably won't make it here before the end of the Feast tomorrow, I'm going to have some cavatelli and Italian ice for you. Ciao~


  1. Bell peppers stuffed with sausage. Sausage sandwiches. Blessed are all things sausage.

    I have a perfect pair of stretchy pants for just this type of situation. Yum!!!

  2. Theresa,

    Yep. A sausage lover's dream!

  3. Looks amazing. I'm a sucker for octopus and the Mayfield Smoke Shop would go down a treat in my own suburb.

  4. I'm thrilled to see a festive glimpse into your town Chrissy....and I'm glad nothing caught fire.
    Tell me: is a "normal" day so...void of people? Or did you wait to take the pics till non-rush hour? 'Cause it looked likda...quiet....esp. compared to those "after" shots of holiday! You're brave for heading out...did you do that just for US???

  5. You people have a wholelot of Catholics in Clevland...

    Enjoyed the photo journal. Really liking the shot of the accordian player.

  6. aaaah....the Italian it!!

    The smells, the tastes, the sounds.


    The city of Cleveland looks so charming. It reminds me of Philly.

    Have a great time today! And please eat a cheese and spinach calzone for me, ok?


  7. Matthew,
    Yes, it's lots of fun. Each little shop is so unique.

  8. Kathryn,

    It's REALLY hard to find somewhere to park after 5:00 to take pictures so sorry, ghost town it is.

  9. #167 Dad,
    You have no idea how many Catholics! We're the 17th largest Diocese in the US with 224 parishes and 217 Catholic schools. I'm not Catholic so I'm a minority.

  10. Ron,
    Okay, but if I explode, it's your fault!

  11. Chrissy,
    Love your post on Cleveland's Little Italy and Feast of Assumption! I've been there many times being originally from Cleveland. I love that town and would still be there except for the fact that I can't ever go back. Long story.....
    No NOT REALLY!! (Yes, I'm from Cleveland and yes I do go back to visit occasionally)
    I like your vibe Chrissy!
    Bring Back Pluto
    "ONE of THE GUYS"

  12. A Cleveland man? Doesn't that just figure? All the good ones leave...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. How fun! Reminds me of the two big festa's in Little Italy, San Diego! One is on Columbus Day and the other is the Sicilian Festa... I loved living three blocks from Little Italy, there... I don't know if there is a "Little Italy" in Paris... I'll have to check it out...

  14. Oh, Leesa. Yes, check out Paris for me. "Sorry, I need time off from work to go to the Feast!"

  15. a song from the Godfather, how fitting!

  16. Was that in the Godfather, really? I didn't know that.


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