Bernie Update

Saturday, August 8, 2009

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their concern about Bernie's well being. I know sending your good thoughts and wishes have had a positive effect on her.

As you know, she was diagnosed with Cushing's disease last month and was found to have an enlarged heart. She's been on medication for both and I'm happy to report that she's doing really well! She's got a spring in her step again and we don't even have to sit down and rest on our walks anymore.

We go back in a few weeks for another test to see just how effective the treatment has been so I'll keep you posted.

Kisses from me and Bern~


  1. Yahooooooo!! Yepeeeeeee!!

    So glad to hear that Bern is doing really well!

    She looks faaabulous, too.

    Did she have some Botox while she was there?



  2. Thanks, Ron! Shhhhh....the Botox is a secret.

  3. Keep taking good care of that adorable pooch.

  4. I'm so glad Bernie is well, marrying a live dog would have been odd enough!!
    Fully recovered from camping, and finally catching up on my week's blog-reading!

  5. What fabulous news! I have not known Bernie long (gee...has it been a week already?) but already feel the warm & fuzzies. (I'm all for loving a pooch that is not an oversided belly on a human being)The meds will give her all the spunk she needs and your love will take care of the rest.
    That unconditional love (going both ways)'s da best...

  6. You both look great in the picture. So glad to hear that Bernie is doing well.

  7. Awwww good luck to little Bernie!! Such a sweet face! Keep us posted on how she's doing!!!


  8. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. You lovable pooch you. Glad to hear she's feeling better. That's a cute pic of you both.

    Stay well Bernie girl!

  9. @ Chris, Thanks, I will!

    @Thanks, Jules. Glad to see you back!

    @Kathryn, Thanks. You're so right about the unconditional love. God knows, I won't be getting that anywhere else.

    @Funny Girl, You're too kind. Thanks. :-)

  10. @JW.BW., She has the sweetest dispostion to go along with it. Thanks for the good wishes!

    @Thanks, Theresa. We're sure gonna try!

  11. I'm so glad that she's doing better with the meds. It makes a big difference when they are feeling badly. It's just like having a kid, but you didn't have to change poopy diapers. Glad mine is almost 16. I bet Bernie listens better!

  12. Hi. Thanks for visiting our blog. I am sorry that Bernie has to be on medication to treat her health problems, but I am glad that she's doing better now thanks to the medication. I hope she will get even better soon!

  13. C & C's Mum,
    Thanks! I know, health problems in our babies are a bummer. Your "kids" are adorable. I tried to get Bernie to dance but she would have no part of it.

  14. Awwwww... what a sweet, sweet doggie...we have a beagle too named Nellie, and she is very much our baby...she is 9 now and I'm starting to get nervous about her getting to be on that downward age slope...
    I wish you and sweet Bernie all the best!


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