The plight of the starving

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Please Sir...can you spare a Milk Bone? I haven't eaten in days.


  1. Thank god - finally competition for my mutt in the 'pathetic looks' stakes.

  2. This is my favorite picture of beautiful Bernie. Love it!

  3. Sienna does the same look...
    Love it.


  4. Um. Bernie? Did it ever occur to you honey, to shake that hand that's NOT cropped out of the bottom of the picture to try and convey your dissatisfaction at wearing this particular garment?
    That's okay, baby. I'm sure there'll be a next time.

  5. How adorable. I'm FedEx-ing a box of Snausages right now.

  6. @Matthew,
    No competition. There's room for everyone. :-)

    @Funny Girl,
    It just cracked me up!

    And we all fall for it, too.

    Oh, she loves it. Her Halloween dinosaur costume is her favorite, though. Remember, I don't have kids.

  7. OMG, Chrissy....this is SOOOOOO cute!

    Bernie looks like one of those people who stand outside during the Christmas holidays; ringing a a bell for the Salvation Army!!!

    I LOVE that dog!!!


  8. I'll pack some some bacon flavored Pupperoni in with Chris' Snausages.

  9. @Chris,
    She's drooling already.

    Fantastic. You guys will be her new best friends!

  10. AHAHAHAHA! Bernie in her babushka!!!!! My babcia has a pic of me & my 2 sisters standing in front of an xmas tree all wearing them, too. I have to find it! I have a recent one of me I'll send ya, too! LOL! This is great!

  11. @Collette,
    They're all the rage in the beagle set.

  12. I believe her twin brother is living at my house. Tony has that look all the time.

  13. Nitebyrd,

    I think it's genetic.


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