Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's that time of year again.

The Season of Lent.

The Season when all good Christians humbly reflect for 40 days, repenting of sin, renewing their faith and joyfully celebrating the mysteries of our salvation. This is usually done by giving up cursing or apple pie.

Personally, I've spent the last week or so gourging myself before Lent starts. There's no Fat Tuesday in my world, it's Fat Saturday through Sunday.

I've decided that I'm going to give up sweets and Diet Coke. I know, an odd combination, but the Diet Coke takes away the guilt from eating all the sweets and besides, I love Diet Coke, so it really is a sacrifice.

I'm such a good Christian.

One of my secrets is that I'm a food addict and sweets are my drug of choice. In the past, when I gave up cookies and candy, I would reach for potato chips as a substitute. So this year, I'm being proactive and giving up potato chips, too.

Without sweets, Diet Coke and potato chips, I will likely turn to pretzels, so they're on the list now as well.

So let's see, I'm giving up sweets, Diet Coke, potato chips and pretzels. Without all those yummies, I bet I'll reach for fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Yep, better add that to the list. Okay, no sweets, Diet Coke, potato chips, pretzels, fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.

I wonder if ice cream is considered a sweet? I better give that up, too. No sweets, Diet Coke, potato chips, pretzels, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and ice cream.

You know, as I'm looking over this list, I'm feeling completely overwhelmed at the prospect of giving up so much and I wonder if it's the right thing to do. Let me just open this Bible sitting here on my desk and trust that the first Scripture I read is a direct message from God for me.

I will surely and abundantly bless her provision; I will satisfy her poor with bread and sweets and Diet Coke.
Psalm 132: 15

Well played, God.


  1. I tried giving up alcohol at this time last year, I was successful, and it's been 11 months, wow, it helped me to lose weight too. I know I can drink any time I want to, but it became a little game I played with myself, and I don't want the game to end. It's been a good thing, soon it will be a year. Our friends and family were pissed off at me in the beginning, they thought it would limit their good times, but know they are just jealos, not mad. I am having fun with it. So this year I'm not giving anything else up, that is more than enough for me.
    Long comment I know!


  2. You're funny! I was raised a Catholic and was always giving up sweets, or something equally as difficult, for Lent as I was growing up.

    As an adult, I got wise and converted to Methodist. They don't believe in giving up stuff for Lent. Yay!!! (Although, in all seriousness, I HAVE made the conscious effort to read my bible more during this season!).

    Thanks for the laugh! Good luck!

  3. What translation are you reading from? Mine reads "I will satisfy her poor with Honeybuns and sweets and Diet Dr. Pepper".

  4. No offense, but I just couldn't imagine being Catholic and giving up anything on your list...I would die...a slow and painful death. I'm sure of it.

  5. Good luck with all that. Yes, that's sarcasm. Love you, Chrissy. Let's have a Snicker's.

  6. I would be homicidal if I gave up diet coke.

    No diet coke = unsafe community. Simple!

  7. Yeah, we're having dinner with some friends tonight who wanted us to make sure we were going somewhere with fish on the menu, as they are giving up meat for Lent. As long as you can still eat chocolate, I understand. (Not truly a 'sweet' if you buy the 60% cacao dark chocolate, is it???)

    You're such a strong and disciplined person-- I'm impressed!

  8. ..."I will surely and abundantly bless her provision; I will satisfy her poor with bread and sweets and Diet Coke. Psalm 132: 15"...


    OMG, I LOVE you, girl!

    That was HYSTERICAL!

    This post reminded me of all the times I attempted to give up something for Lent, only to fail.

    Also, it reminds me of the times on Ash Wednesday, when I would use the cigarette ashes in my mother car ashtray to make my cross BIGGER!


    Great post!

  9. I am grateful for not being Catholic. I would hate to give up wine and Cheez-its. (yes, they are a delicious combination)

  10. Having given up blogging for Lent, it is a cross between torture and relief to read this post. Kind of like knowing that you have resisted the Diet Coke, only to watch your friend drinking it heartily next to you. Great post, and here's to your Lenten sacrifice....EFH

  11. this was great! i haven't decided yet what i am going to give up. maybe yelling. that would kill me.

  12. That King James sure knew how to write'em!

  13. One depressing answer to make you healthier sadly is to give up all simple carbohydrates; upsetting but true.


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