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Saturday, February 27, 2010

One of the most unique buildings perched beside the Lake Erie shoreline is the Cleveland Public Power plant building. What’s so unique about a power plant, you ask?

This one has a 300-by-108 foot wide mural of a dozen whales swimming in the ocean. The wall, titled Song of the Whales, is the brainchild of world renowned marine artist, Wyland.

Wyland and a large group of volunteers who stirred paint and applied brushstrokes under his direction, finished the mural in 6 days. A record time given that most murals take at least thirty days. It's an awesome site to behold as you're driving by on the freeway.

A leading advocate for marine resource conservation, this native of Michigan set a goal in 1981 of painting 100 "Whaling Walls" by 2011. He reached his goal in 2008.


You can read more about this amazing artist here.

Does anyone else have a Whaling Wall in their city?


  1. Not my city, but close by, Long Beach, CA has a whaling wall by Wyland. I'll search for a photo.

  2. That is an awesome mural, I imagine it is visible from some distance.

  3. There are several in Florida. I was unaware that they existed. Even one in Chicago!

  4. @Teresa,
    I thought there had to be some out there.

    Yes, but only if you're driving west. You would get into a car accident by straining to turn your head if you're traveling east.

    @R. Jacob,
    Well, now you know! Hey, thanks for spending your Friday night with me. I appreciate all your comments and kind words. :-)


  5. SPECTACULAR mural, Chrissy!

    It's gorgeous! And it instantly reminded me of living in Florida and visiting Sea World and Shamu!

    We have a ton of murals, here in Philly. Most of them are art related. We also have several buildings with mosaics on them. Stunning!

    Thanks for sharing more highlights of your wonderful city!


  6. Hey Chrissy! Well damn, if you're going to have some arse-ugly building, you may as well do something useful with the big empty walls. And six days? Impressive. Huge detail in the water patterns in the sand. Cool. Indigo

  7. Wow, it looks like the whales are flying in the air!


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