The art of the compliment

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"You look so beautiful tonight."

"That dress brings out your eyes."

"I love your new haircut.

It never ceases to amaze me how little men realize the impact of a compliment. And, guys, we know when it's sincere so don't try to fake it for brownie points. Leave the faking to us.

There's nothing more frustrating than hearing, "Of course I think you're pretty. I mean, I am with you, right?"

It's moments like that when we scratch our heads and think, Okay, why is it that I'm with you, again?

A compliment makes us feel desirable and sexy and validates your attraction to us. It's such a small gesture but it really does mean a lot so throw us a bone once in a while. I said bone, not boner. And remember, make it genuine and from the heart.

My favorite memory of a heartfelt but slightly off the mark compliment was from a guy I was dating when I was 21. We were meeting up at a friend's boat that was docked at a restaurant downtown. The place was crazy busy but I saw him scanning the crowd and he had such an excited look when he saw me.

When I finally made my way over to him, he grabbed my hands, kissed them and said, "I saw you walking toward me with that long beautiful hair and those big blue eyes Feldman."

Hey, I knew what he meant. It made me laugh and blush at the same time. Besides, Marty Feldman's eyes were really blue.


  1. haha, Yes. I just don't understand why men find it hard to make compliments.

  2. You've got Bette Davis eyes?? Or is it Marty Feldman eyes? Hahah! That's a riot! I think women are sooo much freer at giving compliments! I love complimenting people- strangers-- men, women, children! Maybe it's the teacher in me... or just the Leesa in me!! : )
    I always believe that positive words can make someone day brighter!

  3. I would have laughed too but on the inside, said "whoa"? Betty Davis would have been better. Then again. Consider the source(s). Poor fellers.

  4. The compliments from drinking men are the truest, the stupidest and the most blunt!
    Like "I love your tits" etc.


  5. There are not many posts that make me burst out laughing, but that was one :) Thanks!

    I believe that there's a compliment for every occasion. If we can praise your eyes, why not your tits, if the time is right?

  6. agreed, he gets at least an A- for his originality and sweet sincerity. That's a great memory.

  7. When you find someone who can sincerely compliment you, you know you have something going. My bf sends me a text every night after I'm asleep either complimenting or saying why he loves me so I have something nice to wake up to.

  8. You caught me by surprise. That was NOT where I was expecting the story to go. lol

  9. OMG...



    YOU. KILL. ME.

    And I think it was great (at 21) that you were able to see both the compliment AND the humor.

    I'm one of those people who enjoys complimenting others. But, it amazes me how many times I give a genuine compliment and people won't accept it.

    GREAT post, girl!

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just sprayed coffee through my nose from laughter!

  11. That's awesome, and totally true. Men are idiots.

    And saying "you're so hot"

    Yeah not helpful, it's generic

  12. Hey, don't paint us all with that brush. Yeah, some of us are complete yutzes, but all you women aren't perfect, either.

    Except you, Chrissy, and might I say that your hair looks absolutely stunning right now.

  13. Bah, none of you know what you want! lol

  14. Yep, we're crap. Just ask Mrs Long-suffering. I suck at compliments. Badly. At least I haven't managed a line like the Marty Feldman one. Yet.

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  16. OMG that's hilarious! Good thing you could see how thrilled he was when he spotted you. Most of us would have burst into tears at being compared to Marty Feldman!!!

  17. Is it really that easy? I tried at work. "Good Morning, You look nice today" , What are you saying? I don't look nice other days?" Sheeesh!! I just wandered off leaving my Honeybun and diet coke on the counter. Obviously my choice of words were as bad as my choice of breakfast.

  18. If we're forced into complimenting you ladies, we'd appreciate a little quiet from time to time. BOOYAKASHA!

  19. *musters his best slowly-dawning smile*

    Hey, Beautiful

  20. Yep! Men should compliment us more than they do. Very funny piece. I loved it!

  21. SO funny...I did not expect that to be how this anecdote ended.

    And Marty's eye are quite blue. LOL.

  22. I ADORE this! My son was about 9 and watching me put on my make up. He said "Mom you are really aging well." Hmm. Well, it was sincere! Ouch! Marty Feldman eyes! Can't all have those Bette Davis Eyes now can we? Hilarious!


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