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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've never been one of those people who shop the big "day after Thanksgiving sales" but this year, I was in desperate need of a pair of winter boots, so I perused the ads on Thanksgiving night.

I found a pair of black quilted boots with a fur lining, a zip front and a sensible heel. They were stylish and practical without being matronly. I even bought a pair for my sister because I thought they were so cute. And such a steal!

My sister, Lisa, was sporting her boots when she got on the elevator at the hospital yesterday. She was riding up to the 7th floor when it stopped at 5 to let on an older, silver haired gentleman. From what Lisa could deduce, he was probably in his late 60's. He was very pleasant and joked that even though he had to go down two floors, that it was much easier to go along for the ride up rather than wait for another elevator to come.

Mr. Silver Hair smiled as he looked down at Lisa's feet.

"Boy, those are some sharp looking boots."

"Oh, that's so nice of you. Thank you.", Lisa responded, proud of her stylish footwear.

"Yes siree. Do they have a zipper, too?"

Lisa turned her foot to model them, "Yes, they sure do."

"I'm going to have to get a pair for my mother's birthday. She's gonna love them!"

"Oh...good...", Lisa's feigned a smile.

As he walked off and the door was closing, he looked back down at her feet.

"Yep. Mom's just gonna love them!"

Okay, so maybe they're a little matronly...


  1. Or maybe his mother has a really trendy fashion sense???

  2. I'm sure they are all the rage at the upscale and trendy nursing homes. LOL!

    Great post!

  3. Ha! His mother must just be really young at heart, and have good taste in footwear. I'm sure the boots are very stylish :)

  4. Men take notice of boots, I wonder what it is that attracts them!

  5. Bwhahahahahahahahahaha!
    Bwhahahahahahahahhahah! KILL me!

    FLAWLESS post, with a FLAWLESS photo finish!


  6. It's all in the attitude - I was in Paris a week ago and saw a 60-year-old-looking woman (I mean, you never know) wearing a fur coat and a pair of uggs. As long as you're comfy, clean, and well-ironed, it's all good. :o)

  7. Chrissy, did you put him up to that?
    And she fell for it. Good for you.

  8. Oh nooooooo! That's brillant! Love it!


  9. Oh shit! That's fucking killer! I love it! Following this shit from now on!!!

  10. Mum would want one of those pairs too!

    Oh, there is an award for you, Chrissy. Drop by my blog and pick it up!

  11. OMG! LOL! I snorted my coffee at this!

  12. Oh, your sister's gonna HATE you! Will she trust your future garment choices? Or, will you be stuck buying her picture frames and bath beads?


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