Enough already!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

As I was driving last night, I noticed some homes still had wreaths hanging on front doors or garland wrapped around railings.

It's February, people! Get off your lazy asses and put your Christmas decorations away. We don't want to see your candy cane markers when we're putting our giant Easter eggs in the yard. Do it now, you idiots!

Then I got home, walked into my bathroom and saw this:

Um, never mind....


  1. I notice holiday lights on a neighbors door on Sunday. I thought; "Lazy. Cute. Spirited".

    Two outta three is awesome.

  2. Um HELLO?!?! Its February!!!! Take those towels down immediately silly woman!

    (they are damn cute tho)

  3. Christmas wreath is still on the front door... you notice it as you walk in but as soon as the door is shut it seems to disappear

  4. Those towels can stay until spring, they are good.

  5. Hello, Chrissy

    My name is bobbybegood1 (bbg for short) and I found your site randomly -- just browsing through blogs. My sister, bless her soul, kept her Christmas decorations up for two years after Christmas one year. She loved Christmas. But, I suspect, due to her height disadvantage, she left them up. I look forward to blogging with you. Cheers Chrissy!!

  6. I know...I just took down the garland over my door on Sunday. Shame on me.
    I'm in denial that the time is flying by.

  7. No! No!...don't take those towels down, they're adorable.

    My feeling is this: I think holiday decorations should stay up until the next holiday. So wait until Easter, when you put up your hand towels with the little yellow PEEPS on them.



  8. I came upon a discarded Christmas Tree in front of a house yeasterday on my ride in. I spose it was about time. It was prolly one spark from a bonfire. The perennial Christmas light is common out in the country especially on mobile homes. Hang'em once and forget them. Some folk dont even unplug them. It's the gift that just keeps on giving.

  9. Hey Chrissy! I have a beautiful wreath of silver bells on the wall, and haven't moved it in three years. Oops! Guilty as charged. But while you're tidying the towels away (Vixen!) don't forget that your name is spelled rather like Christmassy. Hmmm. Indigo

  10. Awe, Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, full of love and joy and family togetherness, why can't we make it last all year long?

    (That way I don't have to take the lights off the house.)

    Good one!

  11. Okay, guilty! But in our defense it is really, really cold here right now, and every other year it has always rained after Christmas so we were able to take them down without any snow hampering us. My reindeer are still frozen solid in ice and snow!!

  12. Cute towel. People just love Christmas but it's over people. Get it? Over!

  13. When I told my son I was taking down my "Christmas" on January 2nd, he said that was a little early. Too bad. Not for me. It's over when it's over. My son also volunteered that if you leave your Christmas decorations up until March, you are an alcoholic. Now there's an incentive to get that stuff down! (Sit down, have a little drink and think about it!)


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