I wanna get dirty

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

They say that the best way to meet people is through friends. Well, since I've exhausted all possibilities through that course, I'm reaching out to you, dear readers.

But instead of sending out a general call of "male with a pulse", I'm going to be a little more specific. I need to know if any of you are friends with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.

Now I've heard all the "Mike Rowe is gay" gossip but, you know what? This is my fantasy, so shut it.

From the first time I saw Mike artificially inseminate a cow, I knew I had to have him. The way he used that turkey baster made me all tingly tingly down there.

He's handsome and funny and strong and tall. And he's not afraid to get dirty. I like that in a man.

I just checked my calendar and it looks like the next 48 weekends are free so anytime you can set this up would be great.

Let him know I have a dirty job for him.

No overalls required.


  1. I have a few thing he could do for me, too... do you mind sending Mike over when you're done with him?

  2. OMG! My husband has gotten used to the strange sounds that come from my lips as they drip and droop when I hear Mike's voice. I even take pride in owning a FORD TRUCK just because of his body.....I mean, his ability to sell Fords. Gay? NO WAY! Not that there's anything wrong with that.......if he is, I'll march in his parade....right beside him.....behind him....on him.......whatever it takes.

  3. Wow Chrissy!!! The qualities you look for in a man scare me a bit!!!! As well as making me laugh so hard I almsot fall out of my chair. Sorry I dont know him, but if my husband ever pulls him over I will have him put in a good word for u!! Good luck!

  4. hilarious, good luck on your quest!

  5. lmao! Haha, I have nothign to say-except hilarious :D . Good luck :P

  6. Oh my goodness, you girls are giddy... :)

  7. *drool*
    He's up on the top of my list!
    I wonder if he actually KNOWS how many women out there adore him?

  8. Nearly every time I watch Dirty Jobs, Mike is in Louisiana. There's nothing dirty about my job so he'll never visit my office, but I'll put in the good word for you if I ever see him picking up my garbage, or cleaning out my septic system.

  9. I don't know...I hear he has a thing going with Richard Simmons.

  10. OMG! I love him too! I heard him refer to his girlfriend on one episode so I think he is straight! Woohoo!

  11. I don't think that was a turkey baster.

  12. @CatLadyLarew,
    Well, I'll send him over, honey, but he'll be too tired to do anything.

    @Travel Girl,

    You're so funny! My car lease will be up soon. I better get a Ford.

    You don't know him?!? Yes, if stops him for speeding, ask him to keep him in handcuffs until I get there.

    THANK you!

  13. @Janelle,
    Thanks, I need it!

    Hee hee. Thanks. :-)

    @Mr. Glob,
    Not many men make me weak in the knees like him.

    He's so freakin hot. Of course he knows. They always do.

    He IS in Louisiana a lot! Please do.

    I can't hear you...la la la la la la..still can't hear you....la la la la la

    Cool! So I have a shot!

    Only you would say that.

  14. That noise you can hear is a whole load of new visitors typing the words 'dirty stripper' into their search engine and landing on you.....

  15. I would have commented earlier but i had to go out to buy a turkey baster!


  16. Yummy, yum-yum. You are a naughty girl with the title of this post....I LOVE IT!
    I'd no idea you had a thang for this guy....can't say I've ever seen the show.
    (Don't yell at me!)
    Seeing if he's on twitter...maybe we can get him
    to tweet you!

  17. I love Mike and his dirty little show. But I'm happily married. He can be all yours.

  18. Oh dear god...I laughed so hard at Timoteo's comment I was choking! That was HYSTERICAL!

    I agree, Chrissy...he's very much the muffin.

    Especially in that last shot.

    I can definitely picture you two as a couple.

  19. Other side of the world here, so I have never heard of him. But checking him out on youtube I'd say I'd like to get dirty too. Surely he's not gay?

  20. There's certainly something to be said for a guy who isn't afraid to get dirty. But, having married someone who has also artificially inseminated a cow, I hate to say it doesn't translate well into 1001 erotic nights. In fact, it leads to conversations you really wish you never had. Especially at dinner. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  21. Your title got my pulse racing....well....

  22. Ok, I don't think he's gay. Come on, what gay man LIKES to get dirty? *crickets
    See what I mean? Go for it! He's got to have a facebook or myspace page! Stalker time! LOL

  23. First- I have to say I don't know Mike however!!!

    You are genius!

  24. Hey Chrissy, Indigo here. I've never had to resort to covering myself in mud to get a date, but I'm always keen to get a roller out and paint some walls and a few ceilings. Never fails to go eveywhere. I could paint the walls brown - you'd never know the difference ;> Indigo

  25. @Matthew,
    I'm brilliant and I didn't even know it.

    You're crazy!

    He's so dreamy. I've already joined him on Twitter. :-)

    Deal! I'll give you all the sordid details.

    Timoteo is a liar! I thought we were pretty cute, too.

  26. @Artful Kisser,
    You don't know what you've been missing.

    Okay, maybe not 1001 nights but how about 1?

    You're so easy. :-)

    Yes, I'm already stalking him. Me and 10,000 other women.

    @Zoe Right,
    Thank you. :-)

    @Indigo Wrath,
    Okay, you'll do. :-)

  27. You take that back right now, Carlos!

  28. Hey Chrissy, I started to fill out your application form. I accurately ticked the "six feet five" box, and the ones labelled "kind", "fun" and "selflessly, for hours", but paused over Question 237. "How would you describe your looks? A) Ruggedly handsome B) Guy next door C) Pig ugly". Decisions, decisions. Indigo

  29. Psst! By the way, loving the Edward Hopper. Nighthawks and The Long Leg have long been favourites. How have I never seen Second Storey Sunlight and Eastham before?!

  30. Indigo Wrath,

    Still waiting on your app...

    BIG Hopper fan. Growing up I had a game called Masterpiece where you bought and sold paintings. That's where I was first introduced to him.

    We have Hills South Truro in the Cleveland Museum of Art but it's not one of my favorites.

    I found this blog a few weeks back. I think this man is incredibly talented. He has that American Realist feel to his work. Check him out if you have a chance.


  31. Hi Chrissy,

    It's not on my list either, but it'd still be something to see the original. The link to Mr. Guffey's work was interesting. In his cleaner scenes like Commute and Oxford Shadows, the similarity to Hopper was startling. Two for lunch was composed in a similar way to Hopper's figured scenes, too. The others were very different, but caught the American Realism feel you mentioned. A couple of oddities, though - Norwich Sky was almost a seascape over houses, and Saint Remy Chateau seemed totally different in perspective and colour. Experiments, maybe? Anyway, thank you for introducing me! Indigo

  32. I know what you mean. When I first stumbled across him, I can't remember which piece it was, but I thought I was looking at a Hopper.

    I see what you mean with those two. I think it's pretty cool that he uses Google street view for inspiration, too.

    You're welcome. Glad you found it interesting.

  33. You little minx you. He is cute though. And there is something to be said for a man that likes to get dirty. Good call girlfriend.

  34. @Theresa,
    I love that word. Minx. Isn't he dreamy??

  35. hmm....every good looking guy is assumed gay in hollywood. other guys spread the word out of jealousy. I've been fighting these horrible accusations since college. bastards.
    PS - do you wish to move to Philly?>

  36. @Waltsense,
    Well, since you wrote that sexy post on your blog today, how can I say no? I'm packing my bags now.

  37. @Secretia -
    I would certainly let you borrow one of mine. I have umpteen turkey basters. TFLMMYD!


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