Damn Facebook

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I guess I'm not going to California. Somehow, I always manage to catch people on the rebound when they're not quite over the demise of their last relationship. I'm really tired of being that girl.

He told me last week that this song reminded him of our first go around. I always considered him more of a Desperado kind of guy.

I was just hoping to spend some time with him and see what happened but timing has never been on our side. I suppose it was an impetuous move for me to have even been considering going to see him but it made sense to me and didn't seem so ridiculous.

Bummer, My Favorite...you think too much. Still miss you...


  1. Sorry for the disappointment. Perhaps the timing is still just not right yet again. Keep your head up high and move on.

  2. Theres nothing wrong with trying and being hopeful!!! Keep it up and it will pay off one day.

  3. So sorry for the disappointment, my friend.

    But I still ADMIRE you for have been willing and open to take the chance - and I REALLY mean that.

    BRAVA, girl!


  4. You're still welcome to come to California and hang with me and Theresa . . .

    Or are we just not good enough :(

  5. I'm sorry, sweetie. I hate when this kind of thing happens....it's like,"so...what's the point?"
    It would be so nice if like made a little bit more sense, right?

  6. Were you doing detective work on facebook?

  7. @Peach Tart,
    Thanks for the support.

    It's all on you to bring me home a man. :-)

    Thanks. I'm pretty proud of myself, too!

    I should have just made plans with you guys in the first place!

    Thanks, yeah, it's a bummer.

    Okay, I'm a little cloudy from eating that half gallon of ice cream but, huh?

  8. Sorry things didn't work out. By the way, don't mind the fact that you'll see me commenting on a bunch of your old blogs in the next few hours. I'm just getting back to the stuff I've missed the past few weeks.

    Funny story...Marc Broussard is from this area, and beat out my best friend for a spot in 6th grade chorus at Carencro Middle School.

  9. Thanks, Judge. I know. I've missed you. You must have had a great summer.

    Really? Marc Broussard is from there? That's wild. I never heard of him before but he's pretty cool.

  10. sometimes humor covers up disappointment.

  11. Oh yes, laughter keeps me from tears.

  12. if your life was perfect, we would not have your posts. you looked great at the reunion.


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