I wanna get dirty, part 2

Friday, October 2, 2009

Well, it appears that none of you are friends with Mike Rowe but some of you did have some great suggestions for how I can get a little closer to him.

I've joined his Facebook page and am now following him on Twitter. The majority of the posts and tweets are from desperate whores and go something like this:

"OMG, Mike, you're so hawt!"

"Love you, Mike!"

"Please marry me." (this one was from a guy named Joe Strunk)

Have some self respect, biatches. You don't have to act desperate. I took the high road and just decided to send him an innocent little picture of me along with my phone number and the message "I'll be waiting for your call."


  1. LOL! There you go, a funny way to get his attention! Never give up, Chrissy! :-D

  2. omg, if that man doesn't call you even after seeing THAT picture , then he is gay! ;)


  3. Its so subtle... I think he will totally go for it!! Way to think outside the box

  4. Great booty shot. I think this should get his attention.

  5. Hey Chrissy, this is a flawless plan. I salute your dignified, measured response to this opportunity. Keep us posted ;> Indigo

  6. Dear Chrissy
    This is Mike
    Lost your number
    Please contact me on twitter again or forward the info to my close personal friend RJ

  7. How many times did he call you back?

  8. Chrissy, you're better than this.

    Full frontal would be more effective. At least on the blog.

  9. @Antonio,

    The true test.

    Oh my gosh, you made me laugh out loud. Yes, I AM thinking outside the box.

    @Peach Tart,
    Fingers crossed.

    Thank you. No need to stoop to their level of groveling.

    @R. Jacob,
    Ha! Very clever..

    None so far. Homo.

    You're right. What was I thinking?

  10. This looks like a crime scene. A hot one though.

  11. Hi Chrissy! Grovel? Me?! Never! Neither a groveler nor a vendor be, as Polonious almost said in Hamlet. I think I was momentarily thrown by the beauty of the scene. And the pretty tie-sided panties. It happens. Indigo

  12. @C. Andres,
    Nice. Maybe you should come and dust it for prints.

    No, I meant ME, silly.

  13. Nothing says subtle and demure like a nice panty/butt shot. You're looking good girl! I'm sure your next post will be about his call. Can't wait!

  14. @Theresa,
    I thought so, too. :-)

    I'll keep ya posted!

  15. OH DEAR GOD...C. Andres comment made me SCREAM!

    And your response even MORE SO!!


    Great post, Chrissy!

  16. I love Mike Rowe-- he actually came to Augusta not too long ago (cricket farm, I think) and I missed it.

  17. Well if the blog name doesn't get him this pic surely will! You go girl! LOL!

  18. @Kim,
    He was IN your town and you MISSED it? I don't even know who you are any more...

    Thank you, Ma'am!

    Thanks, welcome!


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