Oh, what shall I be?

Friday, September 4, 2009

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite games was called "What Shall I Be?"

This exciting game showed us all the options that were available for the aspiring career girl in 1972.

The most helpful thing was that you could look at your personal attributes and weed through the careers to find the one you were best suited for.

You are emotional: Good for Model and Actress

You failed biology: Bad for Teacher and Nurse

You have a nice smile: Good for Airline Hostess and Model

You are overweight: Bad for Airline Hostess, Ballet Dancer and Model

You are pretty: Good for Model and Actress

You are clumsy: Bad for Airline Hostess, Ballet Dancer, Model and Nurse

You are friendly: Good for Airline Hostess, Nurse and Teacher

You are a slow thinker: Bad for Airline Hostess and Nurse

You are calm in an emergency: Good for Airline Hostess, Nurse and Teacher

You get too excited: Bad for Airline Hostess and Nurse

Oh, the dreams that were available to us as young ladies...

What a crock of shit!

The years I wasted when I could have had this lovely as my role model.

"She starts dancing when the music starts and goes up and down and round and round."

The personality cards would still be helpful for choosing the right career.

You would be a great pole dancer if:

You are pretty

You aren't clumsy

You failed biology

You are a slow thinker

You have a nice smile

We've come a long way, baby.


  1. sign me up for pole dancing I'm in for the long haul....yeahhhhh baby. All the time i wasted in collage Chrissy WTF....when i could of had a pole between my legs instead of well ????? don't want to be rude lololol.

    Love ya stripper

  2. OMG...Bwahahahahahahahahaha!


    I know it's not only because I'm sitting here drinking a glass of red wine, but this is HYSTERICAL!! When I got to the bottom of the post and saw the pole dancer I thought I was going to shit!

    See!!! This is WHY I love you so much...you're BRILLIANT!

    I had never heard of that game before, but I think if I were to play it I would definitely be the ACTRESS. I mean, I'm pretty and emotional...don't ya think?

  3. Hmm...never saw this one. But if you picked get too excited, overweight, & pretty emotional, there needs to be a card for "In Therapy"...LOL! OK, it's really not funny now that I just described myself. But since there's not a card, I guess my lunch lady "career" works out just fine...LOL!

  4. Wish I would've got a screen shot of the "captcha" word I just got. It was HYLICKIN!!! What kind of words do you have programmed in there lady? LOL

  5. Allergic to paper money: Bad for Pole Dancer, good for Teacher.

    Smells like a French Whorehouse: Good for Pole Dancer, bad for Teacher

    Has Insanely Large Fake Boobs: Good for Pole Dancer, Actress, Model, Airline Hostess, Nurse, and Teacher, Bad for Ballerina.

  6. Bwhahahahaha!!!!!! Warning to those who follow Chrissy...Never and I mean NEVER read her blog while drinking any beverage whatsoever...Your computer could be damanged by the liquid you spray while Laughing out loud! I got lucky this time....My Ellie-Mae got a coffee bath!

    OMG....A pole dancing doll....I want one!

  7. Oh. Hell. No.

    I just spit coffee all over my laptop.

    Catching up on my blog reading. Happy Saturday!

  8. Wow!!! According to What Shall I Be, I'm completely unemployable. And just FYI you dont have to be any of thoes things to be a Navy Chief, you can be as clumsy, slow, and overweight as you want!!! Good thing for me!!

    Pole Dancer? Hmmmm... Maybe 30LBS ago, not so much anymore.

    Great post!!

  9. I always told people (mainly my grandparents...over and over again) that I wanted to be an actress, a writer or a FBI agent. All three things mostly inspired by The X Files and wholly unoriginal.

  10. @jb,
    I'm tellin' ya, babe. Lotta wasted years.

    Yes, you would be perfect as the actress. Although, I do remember that hot nurse picture of you.

    I think today's version would definitely have the "in therapy" card.

    I know, aren't some of those words kooky??

    Funny! You should get working on the new version.

    @R. Jacob,

  11. @Funny Girl,
    I do think nasal irrigation is important to keep your sinuses clear. Sorry, Ellie-Mae!

    You're getting into stripper shape, my dear!

    Unemployable. You're so silly.

    Well, one out of three is good, right?

  12. Chrissy! Thanks for the totally "laughing my ass off, rolling on the floor, stomach aching (is that a word??) and grinning so hard my face hurts" post.

    You, my friend, are a GENIUS!

  13. Theresa,
    Glad you were as amused as I was. You're warped, girl.


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