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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My mind has been a little preoccupied lately.

Remember when I said Facebook was for idiots?

And then when I said that I wanted to retract that statement?

Well, I now love Facebook. Sort of.

I dated this amazing guy back in 2004. We had the perfect summer romance. Boy meets girl.

Girl falls head over heels, thinks boy has, too, until boy leaves abruptly.

I understood why he left but it still hurt. I guess sometimes the timing just isn't right.

Fast forward to 2009 and the Facebook phenomenon. Since I added the name of my high school to my page, I'm slowly accumulating some friends that I had seen at our reunion last month.

I decided to look up Mr. 2004. He has a pretty common last name so I didn't expect to actually be able to locate him when I saw that there were 330 people with the same name as him.

Page one....nope

Page two....he's not here

Page three....he's not here, either

Page four.....oh my gosh, there he is.

I clicked on the picture and sat there for a few minutes wondering what to do.

Try to friend him. The last you heard he was getting married so it can't hurt to say hi.

Let it go. It was a long time ago. Leave the past in the past.

OF COURSE, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to send a quick friend request and a note.

I heard back from him the next day, ...still single and living in California....


Let me remind you, I live in Ohio and he lived in Ohio back then, too.

We emailed a few times last week and then spoke on the phone. And that seemed to change everything.

I'll be going to California next month to see him.

I know. I can't believe it, either.

When he said, "Would you consider coming out here?", I think I even surprised myself when I said, "Yes, that sounds great."

So un-Chrissy like to give anyone a second chance. In my book, when it's over, it's over. No need to look back.

And to travel 3000 miles to see someone? Geez, I won't even date guys who live on the other side of Cleveland!

But there's just still something there and I don't want to wonder, What if.....


  1. Chrissy,
    People grow in five years, maybe this time it will be the right time. You might as well find out so no regrets in not checking into it. I agree, you'd hate to say no and then when you are fifty still be wondering.

  2. And if it doesn't work out, you can have dinner with Theresa and me while you're out here. We mean it.

  3. If you didn't find out, you'd always wonder..... you go for it! :)

  4. Linda,
    You're absolutely right, so much has changed. I guess we'll see.. :-)

  5. Chris,
    Oh my gosh, how fun would that be? Where are you guys? He lives in a small city just north of San Luis Obispo.

  6. Thanks, Matthew. My sentiments exactly!

  7. Oh! Definitely go. Having regrets is horrible. Be safe, have FUN, enjoy!

  8. That's great news. You'll always wonder "what if" if you didn't, so in my opinion, your making a good choice. If it doesn't work out, at least you'll have a great dinner with Chris and Theresa and you'll have some great blogging material. Have fun!

  9. WOW!!! Take a chance, that's what I say. And if it doesnt work out, then it doesnt work out. Just have a great time and see what happens. Who doesnt love a trip to Cali anyway?!?!? Cant wait to hear how it turns out.

  10. Go for it girlie! You never know what will happen at any given time - or who will happen. Details will be expected.

  11. Facebook has become a stalkers dream :) not saying that your a stalker. My wife, however, totally is. 5 years ago it would have cost you 300 dollars to find him and spy on him to find out his likes, dislikes, where he lives, where he works, but now all we need to do is go to facebook... awesome

  12. You GO, girl!

    You'll never know unless you give it a go.

    I SOOOO applaude you!

    I can't wait to hear!!!!


  13. Hey 5 years is nothing. MWM and I first dated in 1963 then split up and met again in 1972 - we've been together ever since! Let us know what happens. :)

  14. A small city north of SLO? Dude, he's an Earth Mother! You are in for a treat. About as different from Cleveland as you can get. This should make for some interesting posts, my dear! Please keep 'em coming...


  15. Go for it, Girl! But it sure isn't 3000 miles! Good thing you're not working for the air traffic controllers, eh?

    I hope this is a total blast, and you both live happily ever after! =^)

  16. Oh my God! This is FANTASTIC! You'll have a great trip...and who knows? Who cares?!? You'll be in California, bay-bee! And then, he'll come to see YOU...and so on, and so on....
    (Sigh.) Don't-cha just looove the potential for this fairy tale??

  17. That sounds so exciting! I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

  18. @Peach Tart,
    I knew I would have your support. I'm taking notes from you blog as we speak..

    Thanks, I think I will!

    @Travel Girl,
    I know. Can you imagine the blog material??

    I've never been to CA before so I'm pretty excited about that, too.

    Yep. Totally unexpected. I'll take my notebook with me.

    @Mr. Glob,
    Yes, but you really only hit the jackpot if their profile is public. Otherwise you have to friend them and it becomes a whole "thing". But your wife can fill you in on that.. :-)

  19. @Ron,
    Thanks! I'm so thinking outside of my normal "box". Nervous but excited.

    Really? How cool is that?? I'll keep you posted.

    I have a friend in San Fran and she said, "Oh, he lives over by hippie hills." He was at Woodstock. I know what I'm in for. :-)

    @Leah Rubin,
    It's not 3000 miles? Well, it's sure not 5 miles down the road anymore. Thanks!

    It's pretty cool, isn't it? And so unexpected. I feel like he asked me to prom.

    Oh, thanks! Cross your toes, too, wouldja?

  20. Chrissy,
    All we can say is, we're bracing ourselves!!!

    Good ole Facebook: Thanks for making our Friday a nail biter.


  21. The Guys,
    Do I detect a little sarcasm? Don't worry, baby, I'll come and see you next.

  22. Poop! Chris and I live about 50 miles north of Los Angeles. San Luis Obispo is a 7 to 8 hour drive to the north. But if you need us, let us know.

    Have a blast in California. I hope Mr. 2004 turns out to be all that you expected. I'm so totally excited for you. Keep us posted.

  23. WOW! SO, you now like facebook, eh? I'm glad you're doing this for yourself. Maybe see if there's other blogging buddies in the area you can visit as well & make a fun trip out of it! I know everyone wants to meet you! LOL

  24. @Theresa,
    Darn! I'll keep ya on speed dial, just in case.

    I know. I told you I was a sheep. Oh yes, they're lining up to meet me. :-)

    I know. Yay me! Thanks.

  25. [grins] You regret the chances you didn't take, not the ones you do - good luck!

  26. Thanks, Grey. You said it exactly right.

  27. I think I'm putting the pieces together.

    Mr. 2004...

    Pretty Popular Last Name...

    Was Supposed To Be Getting Married...

    From Ohio...

    You dated Strikingly Handsome Congressman Dennis Kucinich, didn't you?

  28. Chrissy, go for it. Don't let any previous baggage cloud your thinking. You are going to meet this guy to have FUN. That's all what you need to think about.

    BTW, I thought only stupid people read other stupid people's personal blogs. Well I'm now stupid too. :-)

  29. of luck for this reunion !

  30. @Judge,
    How did I miss this comment? You guessed it! I'm in love with 5 foot tall Dennis.

    Read ahead a few posts, my friend. The trip is off.

    Hey, I only thought stupid people wrote personal blogs. Welcome to the club.

  31. Sorry about that. Maybe there is something better waiting for you out there...


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