I think we're alone now

Monday, September 21, 2009

Are you sure Jim isn't out here?

No, Bernie, the coast is clear!

Are you sure? Because I thought I heard someone.

Nope, it's just you and me. Jim hasn't bothered us in a whole month.

It's nice to be able to stop and smell the roses in the privacy of your own yard, isn't it?

Yes, Bernie, it sure is...


  1. Is it okay for me to be in love with Bernie? I promise not to stalk him...

  2. We currently have 6 dogs running around here. It was seven, but college daughter took one beagle off to school, leaving one beagle, one lab, and four dachsunds!

  3. @Leah,
    Sure thing but Bernie's a girl. Not sure if you're into that... :-)

    Now, THAT'S a pack! Cesar Milan would be proud.

  4. Bernie is so cute. Hopefully you've heard the last of Jim.

  5. Jim's probably hiding in case Bernie licks him to death.....?

  6. I'll help you plant the row of evergreens that you need to protect yourself from spying eyes!
    Have shovel, will travel.

  7. Awesome pics of Bernie. I'm not sure she is 100% convinced that Jim isn't coming back.

  8. OMG, Chrissy....this is SOOO CUTE!!!

    I'll keep my toes and fingers crossed about the absence of Jim.

    I love you, Bernie!!!


  9. Poor Bernie! She looks so forlorn....so guarded...she may need some Jim-aversion therapy.
    HEY. I just thought of something! Does Jim KNOW YOU HAVE A BLOG???


  10. @Peach Tart,
    Thanks. Yes, we're hoping so, too.

    I'm not even gonna touch that... :-)

    That would be the best!

    @Travel Girl,
    I know. Doesn't she look suspicious?

  11. @Aditya,

    Thanks. Yep, fingers crossed. Woof!

    Actually, she always looks like this. :-)
    Unless Jim came in my house and got on my computer, it's not likely. Although, I guess it is likely that's he's been in my house..

  12. Cute Bernie. Beautiful Bernie. Precious Bernie.
    'Nuff said...

  13. Bernie sends her kisses, Theresa!


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