Lunches with Lisa

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My sister had a belated Christmas gift exchange with a friend yesterday. Lisa was upset that her friend had bought her a rather expensive gift and that she hadn't spent as much.

I told her, "Dear, sweet Lisa...your friends aren't judging you by the amount of money you spend on gifts."

"They're not?", she replied with a hopeful gaze.

"Of course not, silly. They're judging you by the way you look. Please get a decent haircut."


  1. Oh, you are cruel. to your own sister, too.

    I mean who better, huh?

  2. Hey Chrissy! Outstanding! You're a wicked woman! I salute you! Indigo

  3. Where I live we all wear hats so we have to judge each other by the way we smell.

  4. With a sister like you.... must be fun:)

  5. ... and did she laugh? Perfect retort. xxoo

  6. We are judged forst by the way we look, from a distance.

  7. I wonder what her hairstyle looked like when you said that :-) But, you are a thoughtful sister.


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