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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Most of us in the blogging community use some sort of counter to see how many people are visiting our blogs. The one that I use also gives you a breakdown of recent phrases that are used in Google searches.

Because of my blog title, people navigate to me through some interesting channels. I had so much fun with this before that I thought I would list some more.

1. Deer killer wanted
Are they hiring a deer killer?

2. I suck as a medical assistant
Lord, please don't be employed at my ob-gyn's office

3. Cheez Whiz on my nipples
You know who you are. me...

4. Should a hospital admit me for chest pains?
Hey, there's no one on the other end to answer your question, buddy. If you have time to go on the internet and ask, it's probably just anxiety. Go open a beer, lay on the couch and turn on your NASCAR.

5. Boob envy
It's okay, you're not alone.

6. Was Meryl Streep ever a stripper?
Really? Why do so many people think this? I think the more appropriate question is, Was Meryl Streep ever a man?


  1. I never get the interesting Google searches. Really. The most off-beat one I ever got was "euphemism for split ends". (Said in Eeyore voice)

  2. Hi Chrissy. Lovin' your blog. I wrote about my wife's Christmas cookies on a blog I had a few years ago. She tried to make reindeer cookies, but they ended up looking like evil chihuahua's. Someone searched for "sex photos small dogs" and came to my site. ugghh. I researched and found the city the post came from. If you're ever in Scottsdale, AZ, don't leave your puppy alone.

  3. Hi Chrissy,

    These things never fail to make me laugh. Recently I've had "ladies buffet lunch ideas" and "carpe pizzum". How well they know me!

    NOW THEN, you have just become the recipient of a dubious blogging award from Yours Truly. Come over and read the Bonus Scene I've just added to the bottom of yesterday's blog entry for details:

    Um, congratulations? Indigo

  4. Doesn't everybody do the Cheez-Whiz nipple thing?

  5. I can understand that three of this landed on your blog.

    But #1,2, and 4?!?!?

    And was Meryl Steet ever a man?

    That's a good question!


  6. I remember that I found your blog by doing a Google search. I wish I could remember WHAT exactly I was searching for at the time.

    To answer your question: Meryl Streep is STILL a man. So is Hillary Clinton.

  7. Cheez-Wiz? sounds like a dirty job!
    I would like to volunteer!

  8. Wait! I remember what it was! It was something like "Facebook is for idiots," and I was directed to your first Facebook post.

  9. My google searches aren't that interesting. What do you use for your counter and stats??

  10. @kyslp,
    With TMI Tuesday, I find that hard to believe.

    @Bill Guffey,
    Thanks! Oh my. You know, whenever I see these crazy searches, I try to picture the person who did it. Thanks for the heads up. We'll stay out of Scottsdale!

    @Indigo Wrath,
    An award for me?? Thanks so much. I'll be right over. :-)

    @Peach Tart,
    Well, we know YOU do.

    Yes, I don't get 2 & 4 but I did write about that crazy biatch who killed a fawn with a shovel for eating her flowers.

    Thank you. I thought I was the only one who thought she was a little mannish.

    Yes! I remember that. Back before I became a conformist and still hated Facebook. I was so young and innnocent then.

    Ha! Yes, she IS a man, right? Hey, I like Hillary. Don't make fun of him.

    @R. Jacob,
    HA! Very clever.

    You must try Statcounter.

  11. "Cheez Whiz on my nipples." What the heck?

    That is just too funyy.

  12. Meryl Streep. That came up before, didn't it? Must be a raging debate somewhere..... More likely an opportunity for a mass debate, now I think about it.

  13. Yes Boob envy and boyfriend coveting too!

  14. I don't have one of those counter thingys...I should get one.
    I wouldn't have as many interesting searches as you though....
    unless it's a lot of british people using the term 'dork' for 'dick'.

  15. I think I'd better get one of those counters... I could use some more ideas for blogs! However, somehow I don't think my links would be QUITE so interesting as yours.

  16. Well, you KNEW you were asking for trouble with a title like yours! If you can't stand the heat....

    I'm constantly amazed by the stark impact of your avatar, Chrissy! Between that...and the name of your blog, you'd better be prepared for ANYTHING!

  17. Cheez Whiz on my nipples . . . wasn't that a John Denver song?

    Cheez Whiz, on my nipples, makes me horny;
    Cheez Whiz, on my thighs can make me sigh.
    Cheez Whiz, every morning constipates me;
    Cheez Whiz almost always gets me by.

    Or something like that.

  18. Ok a few of mine:

    Someone in Bombay India, wants marriage/relationship advice. (Good luck to them)

    Someone in Kazakhstan is curious about the Center Stage 2 soundtrack. (Because that's where they shipped every copy of that godawful movie)

    Ken and Barbie on Dancing with the Stars (something I'm sure we're all curious about, mainly because they have no joints to speak of)

    And many many questions about Jenna Jamieson, that lead them to my little blog door (My dad is so proud)

    As far as Meryl Streep goes, if you find an answer to either question, I'd sleep better knowing.

  19. You so funny. I use Statcounter too and it rocks!

  20. @Theresa,
    I know! I've never even thought of that.

    Yes! I just don't get it..


    Funny! Yes, I do get some unique visits.

    You would if you change your name to Pussy Larew!

    Of course I knew. I needed some excitement in my life.

    It was one of my favorites from my childhood.

    @Jenna Marie,
    I would love to see Barbie and Ken on DWTS! My friends named their daughter Jenna, too. I warned them....

  21. @Diane,
    Thank you, Ma'am. I know, it's great!

  22. Meryl Streep's a woman?? OMG!! That explains it!

  23. "Deer Killer Wanted" hahahaha!! Love this, so funny!

    Check out my blog, I just got into this whole world!

  24. Wow, I use Statcounter, but I don't get this kind of info! You are light years ahead of me on this blogging gig!

    Who's Meryl Streep?

  25. @The Guy's Perspective,
    LOL! Yep. Who knew it was Mr. Kramer vs. Mr. Kramer?

    @Harlem's A Hatin,
    Thanks. Welcome to this fun, silly world!

    @Leah Rubin,
    You don't get pervy searches or you can't see your searches? On your sidebar, click on Recent Keyword Activity.
    Meryl Streep is that man who's been in all those movies.

  26. Haaaa! Cheez whiz on the nipples...priceless!

  27. Organic Meatbag,
    Hee hee..I know!


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