Welcome, Fall!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today was the most glorious fall day. The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been a little more sunshine.

Since Bernie was such a patient girl while I worked around the house, I decided to take her to the park.

The normal hustle and bustle of the park was replaced with an eerily quiet afternoon.

Picnic benches sat empty.

There was no laughter from children playing.

But there was a chill in the air and the leaves were starting to turn.

Without the normal distractions, I had time to pause and notice things I hadn't before.

I understand what this sign means.

But, huh?

I normally stick to a walking path that runs through the heart of the action but today I noticed a path that went through the woods and decided to check it out.

I kind of felt like I was in a horror movie. You know, the one where the chick goes into unknown woods alone when there's not another soul in sight?

"Why is she going in the woods?

"Don't go in the woods!"


"Oh, she's dead."

It was both exciting and a little scary.

We made it out alive. Luckily, the only monster we ran into today was in our front yard.


  1. Hey Chrissy, lovely, LOVELY pictures. Yes, a little odd to see nobody about, but I imagine the silence was wonderful. Just you, Bernie and the whispering trees. Thank you, quite the nicest blog I've read today =) Indigo

  2. Oh, you cracked me up when you started the blow-by-blow! And I'm reading it all out loud...."Don't Chrissy! Don't go IN THE WOODS...are you CRAZY? Bernie! Pull Chrissy out of the woods!!"
    Did you feel like you'd dodged a bullet? Looked death square in the face and escaped unscathed?

    I'm glad you & Bernie had the lovely park to yourselves...or maybe we wouldn't have seen these lovely photos.

  3. You must have smart squirrels in your area if they know how to read a sign. I'm impressed.

  4. The moment you said you were heading down the dark path, I got all weirded out. "Don't go down there!" Glad to see you made it okay. Probably because of the attack dog you had with you.

  5. Those are fantastic pictures. I love the dog!!

  6. Oh boy...I wish I had been there with you and Bern to share this beautiful Fall day!

    (I was stuck inside a store all day)

    You and I are so much alike because I too would have been both excited and scared about walking the dark path. But, I would have done it too! I kinda enjoy being scared. Actually, it looked like a beautiful path.

    Love the monster on your front lawn!

    So glad you and Miss Bern had a great day!

  7. @Indigo,
    Thanks. Glad you like them. It really was lovely. Especially since we didn't get killed.

    HA! I knew you would think that. It was pretty neat. Bernie loved all the new smells off the beaten path.

    I know. How kooky is that?

    @Fragrant Liar,
    Oh yes, she's quite the protector. Unless, of course, the bad guy has a cookie.

    Thanks! She's such a sweetie.

    Maybe you can join us next time. :-)

    I hear the rain outside now so glad we missed that.

    Isn't my monster the bomb?

  8. As long as you have your trusty canine with you, you can feel pretty safe in the woods. Just watch out for squirrels taking a walk on the wild side!

  9. Always a fine day when a canine gets to go to the park.

  10. I think if you were scantily clad, straight from swimming in the swimming hole, you would have been in big trouble!
    by the way, mike called. said you won't return his calls?

  11. Wow a segregated park. Humans have their own side, and the squirrels have their own side?

    I have a dream of a world where squirrels are judged not by the fur on their hides, but by the amount of nuts they gather! I dream of a world where little squirrel children can play alongside little human children!

    Nice monster in the front yard. Is it doing its job and keeping your nosy neighbor away?

  12. If you notice the human sign, it has no hands or feet, this is because the nasty squirrels have gnawed them all off. This is the reason for the segregation.
    Glad you weren't killed! It is about that time that Michael Myers is lurking about! Good thing you have Bernie & the monster to save you.

  13. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of the autumn colour! Although it is supposed to be spring here down under, I feel like I am heading for winter as it's been raining and cold all day today.

  14. Fall is great. And that squirrel sign reminds me of all the "deer crossing" signs I see. How do the DEER know where to cross?


  15. @CatLadyLarew,
    I know. They get a little nutty. Get it? Ha..ha..

    @Loach of Chicago,
    It's on her Top Ten list of favorite things to do.

    LOL! You're right. I was way overdressed to be a target.

    Shhh....ixnay on mikeay. Don't want California guy to hear...

    Funny! And now that i think of it, we did go in the direction of the squirrel sign.

    Yes! He's been MIA for over a month!

    OMG, that's so funny! I had to go back and look at the hand less feet less people.

    @Cookie and Cinnamon's Mum,
    Thanks for stopping by. At least you have spring to look forward to. Hope it stops raining soon.
    Kisses to your babies. XX


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