I don't like Tuesdays, either

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It feels like a Monday and I just don't want to deal with it. We get the results of Dad's test today and what his prognosis is. I just need to take a deep breath and have faith that whatever it is, we will get through it.

For those of you who don't remember this song, Bob Geldof wrote it after reading a news article about a 16 year old girl who shot randomly at children playing in a schoolyard. When they asked her why she did it, her response was "I don't like Mondays".

I thought this was a pretty cool version with Bon Jovi. And besides, Jon looks dreamy. Or maybe he just looks so good because he's in the same video as Bob Geldof.

I've posted it before but hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want.


  1. I don't get the jon bon jovi appeal. I've never found him hot.
    But I know I'm in the minority cause every time I tell someone that they look at me like I'm insane.

  2. I really hope all goes well. Ill be thinking of you and your dear Dad!!

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  4. Please know that I'm sharing much "good energy" and "love" with you today, my friend.

    {{{{ X }}}}

  5. Jon Bon Jovi IS hot. Uh huh.....
    That aside....my thoughts are with you today, sweetie.
    It WILL be good news, it WILL be good news.....

    You'll keep me posted...and it WILL be good news.

    Hug your dad hard for me.

  6. Sending good thoughts to you and your dad!

  7. Test results plus family keep tight = the best anyone can do. Good luck to all of you.


  8. I hope everything turns out ok with your dad!

  9. Hope your Dad is ok. I find Thursdays very hard. Nearly the weekend, but not nearly close enough...

  10. I agree, Tuesday blows just as hard as Monday!

  11. Well I just learned something new about that song.

    All the best to you and your father. I know how hard it is when parents are sick.

  12. Chrissy, my prayers are with your dad. My mom is going through some heavy stuff right now, so I know how you feel.

    Oh Jon...I love you.

  13. Best wishes for your family. Prayers for all of you. Wednesday will be better.


  14. I'm joing the party a little after-the-fact, but yes, best thoughts with you and your family.

    As for Mr. Bon Jovi, while I don't "get it" in the same way that many ladies do, I acknowledge that my chances of a date would increase greatly if I looked a little more like him and, say, a little less like me.


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