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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kudos to President Obama and Oprah for their valiant effort in trying to sell Chicago as the host site for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. However, when I heard that Rio de Janeiro was in the running, I knew it would be a tough fight.

Then, when I saw Rio's campaign, I knew it was a done deal. Well played, Rio.

Congratulations. Here's a snippet from their presentation.


  1. OMG!! That's hilarious! I'm going to Rio!!! Actually, I have been... 1987! But, after Carnaval... They're going to really work to clean the city up for the Olympics! It will be beautiful... I would love to go for the fun....

  2. You just scored major points for reminding me of a guilty pleasure song:

    Now guess what tune will be bouncing round my head all day? Aaaargh!

  3. Super... Now I will be singing this all day. Thankfully I work with a bunch of freakin wierdos, so who know, for once I might just fit in!!

  4. I have been told I look and act like the grumpy men in the balcony. On a scale of 1 to 10 I am a ...whats less then 0?

  5. I'm here getting caught up on a week's worth of blog reading, now that I can actually sit up on the couch without my head exploding!!!! Happy Saturday!

  6. @Leesa,
    You're going, really? How exciting for you! You must post pics.

    @Indigo Wrath,
    I didn't know any of the Monkees did anything after the group disbanded. Interesting..

    No, rate OTHER people, they don't rate you.

    Welcome back to life. Glad you're feeling better!

  7. @JW.BW.
    Jessi, I've had this song in my head for 3 days ever since I heard Rio was in the running. Sorry!

  8. How freakin' CUTE!

    The penguin waiter was my fav.

    God bless Peter Allen and Jim Henson!

  9. Guess the US should have sent the Muppets instead of the Obamas to plead their case. When you think of it, which sounds like a more exciting place to visit? Chicago or Rio? Hmmmm?

  10. Ah, thank you lady for this evening's giggle!! Supremely cute!!


  11. I miss the Muppets! Chicago doesn't have a chance. : )

  12. Brilliant Chrissy - thanks for making my morning!

  13. God, I haven't seen the Muppets in like, forever.
    I'd forgotten how darn cute they are! This was hysterical!

  14. @Ron,
    I was torn between Peter Allen and the Muppets and you can see who won.

    Exactly! Hot chicks in thongs on the beach or Oprah in shorts?

    Muppets are always good for a smile!

    Me, too. No, they sure didn't.

    @Zen Mama,
    Thanks! Glad to brighten your day!

    I know. You never see them anywhere. I miss my Kermie.


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