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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've decided to make Saturdays the day to show off my town.

Enjoy the Fall colors!


  1. Sometimes, I miss the fall colors, but I am spoled by the lack of cold weather that follows, like wind chill and snow. Nice pictures.

  2. very pretty pics, cute pooch, but girl, you got one ugly neighbor! (in black)

  3. It's the most wonderful time of the year... pass the cider!!!

  4. Bernie!!

    Wow, those photos are fabulous! Those colors are so pretty. I'm so totally jealous, we don't get fall foliage in the desert. Thanks for sharing those.


  5. Love the pics!!! Bernie seems terrified of the ghost thing in your yard. It must have taken a bunch of cookies to get that pic!! I miss Ohio so much!!!!

  6. Awesome pics! Fall is my favorite season.

  7. We never get beautiful fall like that here in FL! Those are some great photos!

  8. wow... that is really beautiful... very lovely pictures... and your dog is so adorable too.
    P.S come visit me at fierce-ness.blogspot.com. Please! Oh, and I just love your blog

  9. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS photos, Chrissy!

    Especially the ones of the stream.

    And need I say how much I LOVE Miss Bern? Is it me, or does Fall seem to bring out even more CUTENESS in her?

    And I am soooo jealous because we've gotten hardly any fall color so far this year. Maybe because I'm in the a city, but I'm noticing that each year it's getting less and less.

    Anyway...thanks for sharing. I really like the idea of you doing this on Saturdays!

    Have a great Sunday!

  10. This makes Austin look like a pile of shit.

  11. Hey Chrissy, these show how much prettier your neck of the woods is than England, which struggles to make Autumn look good. Loved the third one especially, and the final one with Bernie! Indigo

  12. Oh how lucky you are! I grew up in North Carolina, so autumn scenes like these were easy to take for granted. Now I live in Alaska where the birch and spruce trees grow. And not much else. Though over the years, we East Coasters have planted maples (and prayed over them), and other colorful species of trees and shrubs, I doubt we'll ever get what you have there. Thanks so much for sharing, Chrissy!

  13. How can I follow up the other comments, when it's already been said. These pictures are just a pleasure to see.

  14. As much as I have grown to love the eucalyptus trees of Down Under, I sure miss the colors of fall!

  15. @R. Jacob,
    You had to ruin it, didn't you?

    @Mark Price,
    Ha ha...yes, I sure do.

    @AKA PjTheGreat,
    I love cider!

    We're so lucky. And Bernie just loves this weather!

    Thanks! Hope this helped to bring a little Ohio to you. :-)

    Thanks! I know, me too.

    You need to grab it when you can because it will be over before you know it.

  16. @Fierce,
    Thank you! And these are with my crappy camera. I'll have to stop by!

    Thanks! No, you're right. Her cuteness grows when she's happy and she (like you and me) LOVES this weather!

    I thought it might be fun to share Cleveland with everyone.

    @C. Andres Alderete,
    Oh, come now, I don't believe that.

    Thanks! It's such a short lived time, though. The leaves will all fall in a week or so.

    @Cynica Sarcastamos,
    I'm so glad you liked them. I can't imagine now being able to see these beautiful colors. Pictures don't even do them justice.

    Thanks so much. It was fun taking them. It seemed like everyone had a camera!

    You and Theresa are always welcome to visit.

    Oh, I bet. I know I would.

  17. So beautiful!!! The transition of life. Photos are great.

  18. your photos are a delight to see :)
    p.s thanks for your comments on my blog, always appreicated

  19. @lioness,
    Thanks! SO much more beautiful in person.

    Coming from you, that's quite a compliment. Thank you!

    You're welcome. You're so talented.

  20. Wow, Chrissy! You got ALL the colors, girl! We've got yellow...and brown.
    And little Bernie! Such a little sweetie-patootie! She looks happy with the colors this year....it's a Bernie-thumbs-up??

  21. @Kathryn,

    Boo. You need orange!

    Bernie's lovin' this weather.


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