Monday, July 12, 2010


  1. I aint real sure what all the problem is. If he was a mediocre or even above average player he would have been used as trade bait every time they wanted to change the lineup. But seeing how he has played well enough become pretty much THE STAR of the league, and when he wants to move on and control his own destiny he is a traitor? Puleeeezzzz.

  2. Puh-LEASE! You would think that the Second Coming is happening in Miami! They are actually calling these guys, "The Three Kings"!!! LeBron James headlined every newscast in this state all freakin' weekend!

  3. OMG, I'm so sorry girl, but I don't watch TV and no nothing of sports, so I'm totally in the dark with this one.

    But anyway, I'll join you in saying....



  4. You I am sooooo not happy, but I respect his decision to move on, just not the way he went about doing it. I think he lost a lot of friends ( I know a few who were shocked at his decision too), not mention his fellow Cavs teammates that he left in the dust.He just shows his age and why would we expect more.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. I have to agree somewhat with Tiffany. He did make a spectacle out of it. But his brashness is one of the things everyone liked about him so it had to be kinduv expected.

  6. Maybe we can get them to put your logo up in it's place. Now, THAT'LL get some attention! :-)

  7. Yes, we're all disappointed that he left but Tiffany's right, it was just in very poor judgement how he chose to do it. But he's young and we have only ourselves to blame for creating the monster that is "King" James.

    Yes, Kathryn, wouldn't that be cool?!?!? Love your new pic!

  8. @nitebyrd,
    Good Lord. It's just going to get worse, ya know..

  9. Good riddance. It sucks that he left and I would too, but he didn't have to go out like that.

    It IS funny to see him get boo'ed at things though. ;-)


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