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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Lord! Now I broke my toe.

My sister thinks I should walk around like this.

All I need are steel-toed shoes to complete the ensemble.


  1. Did you break it kicking the Lebron bobble head out the door?

    Open toe steel toes kinda defeat the purpose. While good ones can be comfortable they aint very stylish.

    Steel Toes and Bubble wrap aint complete without the hardhat, safety glasses, and full body harness.

    Be careful. Take care of you.

  2. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


    This is HYSTERICAL! However, I am so sorry to hear about your toe. Between what you've been through lately and myself....I think we should both stand on the street corner and take donations for bubble wrap, bandaids, and aspirins!


  3. Is it on the same side as your f-'d up knee? might need a bubble, not just bubble wrap!

  4. Oh, honey! OUCH. You weren't exercising, were you? 'Cause I'm telling good can come from that!

    Are you on crutches? Are you hobbling around? Did they give you the good pain killers???

  5. @A Daft Scotts Lass,
    Yep. That's me!

    @Simply Suthern,
    Nope. Dining room chair. If I was a horse, they would have put me down by now.

    We're a pair, aren't we? I bet we would get lots of donations although, we would be too sweaty and crabby for anyone to come near us.

    My father (in all seriousness) told me that I should take walking lessons.

    Same side as the f'ed up knee. Luckily, the ankle is better so I can put weight on that side.

    Yesterday I tried wearing loafers but it was awful. Today I wore completely inappropriate sandals to work but at least I could walk.

    That's the pisser. I was actually LIKING working out and then boom, had to stop. I attempted it tonight. We'll see if I can walk tomorrow.

    No pain killers. I self diagnosed. :-)

  6. Didn't you know it's the latest fashion? I must have been ahead of my time since my mother insisted I wear that ensemble 24/7 and particularly when driving on highways. It just made it impossible to check my blind spot. Hell, I was a huge blind spot.

  7. What a fun blog! Sorry about your bad luck lately but you seem to have a great attitude.

  8. Ooh, painful!

    I have had people suggest I wrap myself in bandages before I venture out into the world, or just stay home and lock myself in a bubble - always spilling something or breaking something or getting hurt. Yikes!


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