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Saturday, July 3, 2010

My friend Michelle and I LOVE going to flea markets. There's nothing like the rush of finding that one item that you didn't know you couldn't live without and then talking the seller down from the $3 price tag. It's better than sex.

Hey, I haven't had sex in 6 months, gimme a break.

One of our favorite summer haunts is Jamie's Flea Market, just outside Cuyahoga County in the city of Amherst. It's about an hour drive from where we live but we like to venture over at least a few times each summer. Her brother, Matt, usually comes with us and we make him drive his truck in case we find any BIG stuff.

Jamie's is open year round but only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We prefer to go in the summer when all the "garage sale type" outdoor vendors come out of the woodwork.

Last Saturday, the weather forecast was questionable, but we decided to head out anyway.

As we got there, the skies started to darken even more but we figured we had plenty of time to wander around before it started raining.

Most of the vendors didn't feel the same way we did and they decided to pack up their 1970's board games, vintage tools and matchbox cars before they got soaked.

We started trolling for treasures anyway.

I wanted to ask him if he knew that he was in OHIO, not Florida.

Half the fun is people watching.

The camouflage is so effective, I barely noticed her.

My friend Michelle is like Mother Theresa. She takes in every stray person and animal and has enough love left over for whoever might come along next and need her. There are always toothless hillbillies wearing wife beaters selling puppies that are overcrowded in tiny cages.

I always tell Michelle, "Please stay away from the puppies. They're probably not healthy or clean."

And inevitably, Michelle will wander off and I'll find her nuzzling a little brown dog with matted fur. "Isn't he cute? He really needs a home."

Then I need to make her put the puppy down so I can drag her away. By now, Michelle is hungry but oh....sorry....you can't eat any of this yummy food with dirty puppy cootie hands, Michelle.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

Shabby chic end table, $15.00 and decorative box, $1.00

The footstool I've been meaning to match to my slipcover for a year and a half, $2.00.

Metal stand,$.50.

Love love LOVE baskets. How cute is this one? I splurged and spent $2.00.

So next time you're in town, bring lots of dollar bills (no, not for THAT, silly!) and we'll head out to Jamie's. Be sure to pack some Purell if you think you'll be tempted by the puppies.


  1. Hmm... you had me at the "no sex in 6 months" comment immediately followed by the chosen pic of italian sausage. You chose that one for the first pic to prove a point right?

    I love flea markets! Best finds ever (outside etsy and eBay). Enjoy the hunt (as in finding a flea-less sausage). Cheers!

  2. My favorite thing to do!!!! Hands down. And I am the one who would take a puppy. No cooties involved. In fact, I've been known to put food in my mouth and let Belle (our blk. lab.) take it out of my mouth. You got some good finds. My man doesn't like to go and he holds the purse strings so,...I rarely get to go anymore. But I was married for almost 5 years to my late husband Dave and we went every month even though we didn't have much money to spend. Anyway,...next time I get kicked out or run away, I will come there and we can go to this flea market, ok? Thanks.

  3. I would so get sucked in by the puppies!! Their lil cooties and all. I am a big SUCKER!!

  4. Ooh, puppies in a basket? Something for both of you! LOL! I love flea markets myself. This would explain why I should probably be on the next episode of "Hoarders" ;) Have a great holiday weekend, sweetie! Give Bernie a big hug! (((HUGS)))

  5. "I wanted to ask him if he knew that he was in OHIO, not Florida."


    That's exactly what I was thinking before you said it. And besides, the tomato's here are WAY better than Florida tomato's. Florida tomato's have no taste. Oh, wait, yes they do...a tennis ball.

    I LOVE flea markets too.

    And I'm impressed at all the great finds you found! I'm lovin' that little table.


  6. A man once told me that persuading a prostitute to sleep with him for half her usual fee was better than sex.

  7. I like to wander, but rarely buy. And yes, people watching. With hotdogs.


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