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Monday, July 27, 2009

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that I start and stop diets constantly. I've been trying to lose 20 pounds for about 4 years now. If I followed the "healthy" weight loss track of losing 2 pounds a week, by my calculations, I should now weigh negative 256 pounds.

I remember working for Jenny Craig and trying to close a sale in that small office with the door closed and a potential member's weight graph on the computer screen.

"What if I told you that I had a magic pill that would put you at your ideal weight? What would you pay for that pill?"

I thought it was a ridiculous close and I rarely used it but gosh, I could sure use that magic pill now. And I'm not talking about Alli, that makes you shit yourself as it "prevents your body from holding onto the fat in foods." Just something, anything!

I've been trying to find something to motivate me:

No, it wasn't the fear of seeing classmates from 25 years ago.

No, it's not the prospect of a new lover seeing me naked.

No, it's not to be healthier.

No, it's not to increase my self-esteem.

Girls, I think I've found it!

And I know you can relate. I told myself that I wouldn't buy ANYTHING ELSE that I couldn't wear right out the door just because it's on sale. I have a closet full of things that I'll "fit into when I lose 10 pounds".

But this is different. These are Lucky Jeans. I bought my first pair about a year ago and I felt a little guilty about spending so much money on dungarees. They average around $120. But man, do I look hot in them. AND they come in a 34" inseam which is really hard to find. I was never been a big fan of jeans until Lucky came along.

Okay, so these don't fit. Right now...

But they will. And do you know why? Because they were not only on sale **CHING CHING**, but I bought them with a gift card **CHING CHING**. And I only paid $20 out of pocket. Go ahead, take a minute to let it sink in...

Now, if only I could make my ass look like this again. The inside label says "Good Luck to the Owner." There was never a truer sentiment.

I think I'll keep the receipt. Just in case...


  1. Ha!
    I have a few pairs of them varying sizes. It all depends on the month, the time of month and ok, a few by year if they fit properly or not.
    I always thought that sentiment in the fly was hot. But I've never been with anyone who even noticed it. They could leave it out and maybe charge $35 less for the jeans?

  2. I love my Lucky jeans better than any other jeans I've had.

  3. Spot on! You must be my long lost twin! I must have ten pairs of 7s (the brand I'm obsessed with) that I'll fit into once I've shed that stone that's crept up on me these past couple of years..... Problem is that they fit once.. So depressing. Now doing the Atkins as I've had enough of my backside being supersize. It just ain't funny anymore, although I do sit very comfortably.


  4. Hey. Anything that makes you feel lucky and look hot at the same time is a friend for life, in my book. I found a paid of Michael Kors jeans in a size 2 that I cherish (no, literally...I've built them their own pedestal & everything)...'cause size 2?! Obscene! Now, it's too damn hot to wear 'em anyway...(heaven knows if they still fit.)

  5. Do they make 'em for guys? I mean, a friend of mine wants to know.

  6. You are too funny, girl!

    I freakin' love jeans! I have four pair that I live in. The older they get, the more I like them.

    I cannot believe the fabulous price you paid for these because we have a Lucky Jeans here in Philly, and everytime I look at the price tag I shit!

  7. I wish I could get a pair of Lucky Jeans up past my effing thighs. Once upon a time, I did!

    Good Luck with your pair. Only 20 bucks? You gotta make it work!

  8. Oh my gosh Chrissy. You have to stop by my place. My post that went up today is about losing weight and Alli. Great minds think alike.

    Good luck with the Lucky Jeans. I know you can do it.

  9. If you visualize your goals you have a better chance at completing them! I'm sure you will fit into those suckers soon enough!

  10. This little trick actually worked for my college roommate. She hung them on her wall and it kept her motivated to lose a ton. All it's done for me is inspire me to invest in some art.

  11. Love this....I am a total loyalist to Seven Jeans. Love them. But I love that yours say "Good Luck to Owner". LOL.

  12. @f8hasit, You're right, Nancy. I love the sentiment in the fly. For those of you who don't know (or you guys who are ripping off her jeans quickly) they say, "Lucky you". I could write that with a marker to say 35 bucks.

    @Peach Tart & Mantramine, I know!!

    @Anna, You're so funny about your bum. I've wanted to try Sevens but I'm afraid I'll like them even better and then I'll have to start stripping to pay for my jean habit.

    @Kathyrn, I hear ya! I bought a pair of white linen Ellen Tracy pants once because they were a size 4! I wanted to wear them with the tag inside out. Take them off the pedestal and see if they still fit.

    @Chris, Tell your "friend" that they do come in men's, too. And Lucky for your "friend" they start at $88.

  13. @Ron, Isn't it mad that they cost so much? I never thought I would pay that much. Oh, wait, I didn't. Yay me!

    @Funny Girl, Maybe you need to be inspired by a $20 pair, too!

    @Theresa, I read your post. I'm so impressed! Thanks for the support!

    @Jeve, That's great advice. The problem is, when I try to visualize, I see ice cream sundaes.

    @Sarah, With my luck, they would pull the drywall out. And I would probably just want to buy artwork, too. Funny!

    @JennyMac, I know a lot of people who are Seven fans, too. I haven't tried them yet.


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