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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Most of us in the blogging community use some sort of counter to see how many people are visiting our blogs. The one that I use also gives you a breakdown of recent phrases that are used in Google searches.

Because of my blog title, people navigate to me through some interesting channels. These are a few of my recent favorites.

1. 10 things to never say to a stripper

2. How to tell if a stripper is okay to eat

3. Stripper boys

4. Why do strippers like girls

5. I was the girl with the shiny black shoes who knew all of the bible stories every other girl was jealous of in sunday school

6. Bernie the stripper

7. Are you wearing my nightie

8. Does testosterone smell

9. Everyone has issues

10. Why do guys like the librarian look


  1. "2. How to tell if a stripper is okay to eat"

    OMG, too funny. I'd hope that's a typo of some sort, but I can't think of what.

  2. Yeah,I don't think it's a typo. You need a Google search for that? Yikes!

  3. A stripper is only safe to eat if she's been broiled for 6 hours. The herpes get burned off after that.

  4. OMG...this is HYSTERICAL!!

    #6 made me HOWL!

    You, GO, BERNIE!!!


    And thank you for bringing this up in a post, because I use Feedjit to track my visitors and one time I just so happened to click over to check out what they google to find my blog.

    Ready for this?......

    "Tying my husband to the bed post"


  5. What kind of stripper names herself Bernie?

    Supplemental question: Who searches for a stripper named Bernie?

  6. I agree with Ron, love number 6. I would put a dolla in Bernie's paw if she would sit my lap and let me rub her belly.

  7. Ron!

    Where did you mention the bed post thing???

  8. Funny Girl,
    I bet she would let you rub her belly for FREE!

  9. Judge,
    Maybe Bernie isn't a girl?!?!?

  10. So funny. Another blog I read did a similar post, and I had to laugh at "spank out the alphabet" as a Google search leading to her site.

    As for the scent of testosterone, well, sex can really stink on humid days.

  11. That's totally funny. And what's up with #5??? And when IS it okay to eat a stripper. And what is something you shouldn't say to a stripper. I need answers woman!!

  12. I am curious who comes to my blog now??? and why.

    I could maybe do 1/4 a chin up. Great work doing a 1/2. Nice!!

  13. Hit 40,

    You really have to try stat counter. It's very amusing.

    Thank you, thank you very much...

  14. Chrissy - awesome. I think you have on the best keywords ever in your title...not sure which one - but one of them is a winner. No joke - i just checked and over the past two months - "pissing girls" shows up in our favorites...not sure why but we'll roll with it.

  15. Waltsense,

    Pissing girls? That's hysterical!

  16. I'm pretty sure testosterone smells like fried chicken and beer.

  17. hiphophippie,

    First of all, cool name.

    Funny, I thought it was chicken wings and beer.


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