I don't like Mondays

Monday, July 6, 2009

I knew it was going to be one of those days when at 1:30AM I was still awake and this song was going through my head.

For those of you who don't remember this song, Bob Geldof wrote it after reading a news article about a 16 year old girl who shot randomly at children playing in a schoolyard. When they asked her why she did it, her response was "I don't like Mondays".

I thought this was a pretty cool version with Bon Jovi. And besides, Jon looks dreamy. Or maybe he just looks so good because he's in the same video as Bob Geldof.


  1. OMG...the first thing I noticed when clicking over, was that you WIDENED your template - looks good!

    You're getting like me! Isn't it fun to change your template? And I meant to tell you yesterday when I stopped by that when I started my first blog, I used this exact template!

    Oh, BTW I love this song!!!

    I didn't sleep well last night, myself. I was tossing and turning. Thank god I had the day off!

  2. Hi Ron,

    Of course you used this template, Twin! I can't figure out how to widen my header, though. I was so bored with it looking so, well, boring.

    Hmmm...there must be a full moon coming up or something. Lucky you having the day off. Hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Ah yes, Bob Geldof & The Boomtown Rats inhabit a special place on my iPod. As for widening the template, I walked Nancy through it in late May. It's easy. When I get a free moment (I actually have a damn job now), I'll enlighten you.

  4. MVD,

    A job?!?!? KUDOS to you! It's tough going back, though, isn't it? I was out of work for 7 months. When I finally found a job, I stalled my start date so I could revel in my last days of freedom.

    She actually forwarded the directions you sent but I didn't see the header setting that you refer to in this particular template. Thanks, no rush.

  5. Is it just me or are Bob and Jon feeling awkward standing directly in front of each other?

  6. Funny, Carlos! I think it's Bob. Jon seems to be glancing over at him like, "is he looking at me? No, he's not, I'll look away. is he looking at me now?"

  7. Ah, this takes me back.
    Mondays are a bit of a pain. Still hungover and 5 days beofer you get to stay in bed late.

  8. Writers Block,
    I'm with you. When someone asked me last week what I was doing over the weekend, I said, "I'm really looking forward to sleeping in." They looked at me like I was a loon.

  9. Love what you did to the template. I like to change mine often. I'm with you...I love time off just to sleep.

  10. Funny Girl,
    Thanks! I was bored with the way it looked, I couldn't stand it. I have to play around some more when I have time.

    Sleep...sweet sleep...

  11. I had heard of the song of course, but not the why behind it. very sad.

  12. I know. That story has haunted me ever since i heard it.


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