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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Always check your child's homework before it gets to school!

Note sent to the teacher the next school day with 1st grader...

Sorry, Ms. James.

That's NOT me pole dancing onstage in a strip joint! I work at Home Depot and that's me selling a shovel.

(signed) Mrs. Smith


  1. OMG...this is so cute!

    Hey listen, I think you should use it for your HEADER!!!

  2. LOL - That is so funny, I am laughing out loud.

  3. Yes, and all the guys, I mean stick figures with the shorter hair are uhm...robots from outer space who only have one green hand, yeah...I mean except for the one in the corner who's hand fell off...and well....

  4. Classic! That's why I love teaching kindergarten! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. WOW! Amazing how 2 jobs so different can look so similar in the eyes of a child...LOL!

  6. @Ron, That would be really cute if I had kids!

    @Travel Girl, Isn't that a scream?

    @Theresa, Gosh, you have a better imagination than her!

    @CatLady, You must have some fabulous stories! Good to see you!

    @Judge, Size doesn't matter.

    @Collette, I know, isn't that hysterical?

  7. This one's made the rounds in school e-mails. Funny stuff. . . you couldn't draw a better representation of a strip club if you tried. I mean, so I hear.

  8. Chris,
    I'm sure you guys see these jokes all the time.

  9. perception is 9/10's of the law.


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