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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A happy surprise for my "I Don't Like Mondays" Monday was a note from my friend Nancy at f8hasit presenting me with the Love My Friends Award. It's always a pleasure to know that people enjoy perusing the random musings of my life. Even if it's your best friend giving you the award.

Here are the rules:

The Love My Friends Award
is given to those bloggers who aspire, inspire and share the most beautiful of human attributes: art, wisdom and friendship. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more.

Now I would love to award this to eight bloggers who in turn much choose eight more. However, as with most of my posts, I hurriedly type what's on my mind first thing in the morning as I'm getting ready for work or before I go to sleep. I'm not as studied as other bloggers who keep multiple posts to pull out when writer's block has set in.

And I'm historically known to be the one who breaks the chain in the chain letter or 'good luck will come to you' email. Luckily, this award didn't come with threats of '7 years of bad luck' or 'eternal damnation' if I didn't follow the rules. Because let's face it, I'm probably going to hell anyway. No need to reserve a front row seat. Although I guess in hell, it would probably be a back row seat.

Instead I invite you to peruse the Stripper Chick Approved blogs listed here. If you are one of my faves, much like we rent movies from a red box and check out our own groceries, give yourself this award and a pat on the back for a job well done. But don't forget to forward it to eight other bloggers or 'you'll never have sex again'.


  1. I was pleased and delighted to see myself listed in your Fave list, but am going to postpone the lifting of the award. I think I have some more work ahead of me. People like yourself are the encouragement to move forward.



  2. CONGRATS Chrissy!!!!

    And you truly deserve this award because you ROCK as a blog friend! You're one of my all-time FAVS!

    And thank you for passing this forward!

    I had to laugh when I read how you are known to be one who breaks chain letters because I can't even tell you how many I've broken too!

    So I'll see you in the back row seats in HELL!

    (we can throw spit balls!)



  3. Great post - I too ignore those threatening chain e-mails. I've lived this long by flipping the bird @ conforming to the norm and will continue to do so.

  4. Thanks for keeping me on the list. I used to have one up. Think I'll reinstall. Also, I'll see you in Hell...from Heaven.

  5. Expat,
    Your blog is certainly award worthy now but thanks for the strokes. Purrrrr...

  6. Thanks, Ron! Yes, I don't even feel guilty anymore when I hit the delete button. Buh bye..

    See ya in hell.

  7. Travel Girl,

    I knew I liked you.... :-)

  8. My pleasure, Carlos. Love your blog! You in heaven? As if...

  9. So many awards! You're like the Meryl Streep of blogging...except without the penis.

  10. Judge,
    That's so funny about Meryl Streep. I was so excited to finally see the Mama Mia movie until I put it in the DVD player and found out that Meryl Streep was the love interest for three hunky guys. HUH?!?!?!?


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