Early bird sale?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Someone had better explain to me why I'm seeing PUMPKINS in my Jo-Ann Store flyer in JULY.


By the way, this marker smells divine! And I thought my Robitussin high was good.


  1. Say it ain't so! Pumpkins do not belong anywhere in July, unless it's in a pie.

    Love the magic marker smell - the red whiteboard ones are also a favorite.

  2. I went into Tuesday Morning (it's Tuesday y'all so where else would I be?) and there was a whole shelving unit with Halloween stuff. I kid you not.

    And Christmas as well....but that was on sale.

    And NO. I didn't buy any of it.
    (but I DID buy a raft with a palm tree for my next Mohican visit!)

  3. Don't you LOVE retail???

    Listen, I've already received all the information for our CHRISTMAS season!!!

    Retail is always a season ahead. In the Fall they're focusing on Summer. And in the Summer they're focusing on Fall. It truly is disgusting.

    Hey...I LOVE the smell of a magic marker. That's why they're called MAGIC!


  4. Yum...they have Sharpies that smell like a lot of yummy and good things, like banana and cherry and just everything.

    The bad thing is the buzz never lasts that long. Not that I would know, I've just heard things.

  5. I'm currently thanking my lucky stars I hate shopping, therefore haven't been near any store or flyer that would consider putting pumpkins out in July.

    As for the Sharpie high, well, they are some of the best ones (I only know this by accident, of course).

  6. King size black magic marker? Lets not go there hehe!

    Seeing a pumpkin at this time of the year in London would make perfect sense since it is raining like its goddamn october!

  7. They're for witches. That market's around the other 364 days of the year, you know.

  8. Travel Girl,
    I'm with you. Pumpkin pie or muffins only! And yes, the red cherry smelling markers are yummy!

  9. Nancy,
    I love Halloween stuff. I assume the raft is decorated with a palm tree and doesn't have an actual palm tree in it.

  10. Ron,
    I don't have a problem with THEM focusing ahead but why do I have to?!
    Magic..I like that!

  11. Right, Theresa....I'm sure you probably just heard that from a "friend".

  12. Bran,
    Really? You hate shopping? I only hate shopping when I'm looking for something specific and can't find it.
    I swear, I hear the squeak of those thick markers and I'm like Pavlov's dog.

  13. Mademoiselle,
    Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me.

    Am I misinformed? Doesn't it always rain like it's goddamn October in London?

  14. Thanks, Carlos. Sometimes my ignorance is overwhelming.

  15. I hear that Sears already has their Christmas stuff out! I refuse to go near any Christmas stuff yet. Bad enough the school supplies are out...ARGH!

  16. Oh, geez, Collette. I know that's the LAST thing you want to see in the stores already!


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