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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Most of us in the blogging community use some sort of counter to see how many people are visiting our blogs. The one that I use also gives you a breakdown of recent phrases that are used in Google searches.

Because of my blog title, people navigate to me through some interesting channels. I had so much fun with this before that I thought I would list some more.

1. Cat watching porn. Hey, it was just an image. I respect their privacy enough to not talk about it.

2. Old man stripping on a pole. One word. Why???

3. Hairy woman ass. Really? People are searching for that??

4. Kim Basinger in nylons.  Oooo...if you find this, please send me the link! You known she was my first girl crush.

5.  Gross man boobs. I think the word 'gross' here is unnecessary, don't you?


  1. I've had some wierd Keywords find me once upon a time. I went to look and they are gone now. Hmmmm?

    Cant image who would search by those.

  2. Woops! Meant to schedule this for tomorrow. No surprise, really. People are freaks.

  3. Just the word man boobs is enough lol...


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