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Saturday, April 7, 2012

And the tradition continues...

For the last 54 years, Ron and Betty Manolio of Lyndhurst,Ohio, (the city I moved back to!) have created an Easter wonderland of painted eggs in their front yard. In 1957, the first display was a simple cross fashioned out of 750 eggs.

As you can see from this year's sign, it's grown quite a bit over the years.

This year's display includes The Muppets and Mario and Luigi.

 Miss Piggy and her Kermie

Mario and Luigi

Remember "the critics" from the balcony?

A staple of the display each year is the Cross.

I know you might be thinking that these are plastic eggs but they're not! Ron makes a hole the size of a dime in the egg and Betty shakes out the contents. They wash the shells, trim the edges of the hole and paint them. They store them by color and reuse them each year. Of course, since they're real eggs, they break about 1500 a year just through handling. Since it is Cleveland, the weather doesn't always work in their favor and they've lost eggs to hail, snow and rain. This has been a stellar year of great weather so losses were at a minimum.

Thanks for the labor of love, Ron and Betty!


  1. OH. MY. GOD....that's AMAZING, Chrissy!!!

    "I know you might be thinking that these are plastic eggs but they're not!"

    Yes, I did think the eggs were plastic when I first looked at these photos.

    Each one of these colored egg creations are freakin' brilliant!

    "Remember "the critics" from the balcony?"

    I LOVED the critics!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting post, girl. Enjoyed!

    Happy Easter to you!

    X to you, Millie, Dino, and Vinny!

  2. Beautiful art! Has the WKYC Channel 3 News camera crew been around yet?

  3. Hmmm...I don't see any photos. There's just a "Image hosted by Tripod" ad looking thing. Is my Firefox browser the problem?

  4. Wow is all I can say, such lbe and commitment to their life and traditions together.

  5. Love to see folks so committed. Gorgeous


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